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I’m not usually the crafty one around this house, but today? I am.

I’m making valentines.

Homemade valentines!

I might be doing the same thing as last year, but the valentines are so cute that you’ll do them for as long as you can, too.

I promise.

You see, Christie (do you not know her? because you should. get over there and get reading.) and Alyssa (I’m linking to them both because Alyssa took pictures at the front door, which is adorable. And Christie took them with a black background, which is what I’ll be doing this year) made these adorable valentines, and I’m going to copy them.

I only got to make a few last year for Jack’s preschool. This year I get to make them for an entire kindergarten class!

Do you want to see how cute they are?

Of course you do. These are from last year:

Homemade Valentines

I’ll take pictures of the new ones soon, but I wanted to get this idea into everyone’s heads in time for you to make your own!

My neighbor made super cute ones, as well. Same idea, but she adhered to the school’s wellness policy and used pencils :)

So, go follow the fancy instructions, let me know what you think, and send pictures if you try them! I’ll post them here!

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  1. Gramma Teetsie says:

    Can’t wait to get mine in the mail. My lollipop from last year has either grass or mold growing on it. So I am going green this year. Isn’t that what “Going Green” means?.

  2. jen@ourdailybigtop says:

    I love this. I did this last year too but am going to have to go with the store bought ones this year…too many kids in their classrooms. Oh and I wasn’t sure I’d have my camera back in time.

  3. Is it this time already??? Seriously???

    I did these last year, thanks to YOU, and everyone LOVED them! Guess I better bust out the camera!

  4. I copied you and did this last year also. I think I’ll do it again this year as well! Gary still let’s me do these kind.of things too, so I’ll do it for both kids!

  5. Jesse Silver says:

    Those could not be any cuter!

  6. very cute…wish I hadn’t already started ours before seeing this. Next year for sure!!!!!

  7. If I had the time, I would SO make those! Boo loved those when we thought of doing them for her birthday party. Hopefully next year I will be more on top of things…

  8. I love this idea Bec- Sunny may be handing these valentine’s out to all her kids at school. They’ll love it!

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