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When I was growing up, I remember Christmas morning being a little chaotic.

Wrapping paper flying everywhere, gifts all over the living room, excited kids squealing.

The one thing that kept it under control?

Color coding.

Yes, my parents are geniuses.

Every year, I had red paper, my brother had green. There were no excuses for opening his gifts, and he never opened mine. Our paper changed every year, but it was always the same – red for me, green for Marc.

I tried this the first year we had Christmas with both the boys and to make it easier for Michael, I bought some photo pictures from Shutterfly. Michael’s picture was on his gifts (wrapped in blue paper) and Jack’s picture was on gifts wrapped in red paper. Talk about easy.

An added bonus? When I wrap the gifts, I can easily look and make sure that the piles are somewhat even. If we have more red gifts in our super secret hiding place, we know to buy for Michael. If there are more blue gifts, we should go shopping for Jack to even it out.

I can imagine that for families with more than 2 kids, this system could be realllly beneficial.

I went a step further when Jack was born. I went to Costco and bought two of their huge rolls of reversible wrapping paper, with Santa on it. Because in our house, Santa’s gifts come wrapped in Santa paper. So, blue Santa paper is for Michael and red Santa paper is for Jack. And the paper? It’s the same every year.


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  1. This is a really smart idea. I should do that so Husfriend quits thinking the massive everest of presents are his. Greedy. ;)

  2. marmitetoasty says:

    Im a single parent of 4 sons…. and Ive been doing the colour coding wrapping for years and years :) – it means when I buy things thoughout the year I can wrap them and put them in the drawer knowing whose is whose :)


  3. Gramma Teetsie says:

    Please take notice people. My DAUGHTER called us geniuses. It has taken 33 years for this. It truly is the season for miracles. ;-)

  4. Christina says:

    Cute! I do something similar…not colors but the same paper. This year Aurora’s is Scooby Doo Christmas, and Alex’s is Toy Story Christmas. Santa paper is always bright and shiny paper and his tags are done on the printer.

  5. Allison@Slice of Heaven says:

    GENIUS IDEA….I am totally linking to this post on FB. Great idea!

  6. This is a fantastic idea!! I may have to start doing this as things change. I will be taking a look at my wrapping paper for sure!

  7. Denise Dykstra says:

    B R I L L I A N T (says the mom with four boys and two dogs)

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