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This post was updated 8/2/2021

If you’ve done the 21 Day Fix, you probably know that in addition to the official book, 21 Day Fix Eating Plan, there is a new 21 Day Fix foods list. There are also several updates from Autumn and Beachbody about treat swaps that talk about different foods that are “free” and have been updated, but not published in a 21 Day Fix book yet.

These changes make it SO confusing for those on the 21 Day Fix who want to follow the rules–I get it. It’s frustrating for everyone!

I’ve scoured Autumn’s videos, the Beachbody website, and more to find this list of unpublished updates to the 21 Day Fix Foods List, as well as given you a solid link to where this information can be found. I’ll be updating as I see new ones pop up. If you’re looking for a full foods list, including popular treat swaps, coffee bar options, and more, you’ll want to see my updated 21 Day Fix food list.

If you're struggling to find the Unpublished 21 Day Fix foods list updates, I've got them! I've searched the YouTube videos, the Facebook Live videos, and the blogs to bring it to you. Here are the updates (and free downloads) of the new treat swaps, Shakeology bases, and more!

A quick note that the Ultimate Portion Fix is now for sale. This is the newest version of the 21 Day Fix and comes with a slightly updated food list. Items that have been updated publicly (available to those who have not purchased the Ultimate Portion Fix) have been linked below and added to my food list.

Yellow Container Changes

Are Kodiak Pancakes Approved for the 21 Day Fix?

Beachbody experts have updated the forum to include Kodiak Cakes–1/2 R and 1 1/2Y per serving. In addition, the 21 Day Fix app says that whole grain pancakes (1 4 inch) and waffles are allowed.

Popcorn on the 21 Day Fix

Popcorn is now a yellow container–not a yellow treat swap. Please see link below in treat swap section.

Powdered Peanut Butter on the 21 Day Fix

In October 2017, Beachbody released this article: and said that peanut butter powder counts as 1/2 Y on the 21 Day Fix. The way it is stated, it sounds to me like 2 tablespoons is 1/2 Y.

Green Container Updates

Are pickles on the new 21 Day Fix food list?

Looks like it! Though I haven’t seen Beachbody specifically say that pickles are approved, I’ve heard rumblings of it on food blogs–it seems that even Beachbody is now using them in recipes and counting them as a green! You can see pickles being counted as a green container in this slider recipe as well as in this Beachbody meal prep post.

I knew you’d be excited about this, so the first thing I did when I heard this was make a dill pickle chicken salad/dip recipe for you :)

image of dill pickle chicken dip in a clear glass bowl with colorful dipping veggies

Sauerkraut on the 21 Day Fix

A beachbody expert called sauerkraut a green here, and there are rumors of it being on the UPF food list.

Jackfruit on the 21 Day Fix

Jackfruit was identified in 2018 as a fruit by a Beachbody expert.

Turnips on the 21 Day Fix

Green container, says the experts! 

Updates to 21 Day Fix Red Container Foods

2 cups of chicken broth on the 21 Day Fix is equal to 1/2 red container (Autumn’s Facebook post, 1/2015).

Updates to Orange Container:

Hemp hearts are an orange according to this Beachbody post.

I love adding help to these protein balls!

image of turquoise bowl full of protein balls

Updates to 21 Day Fix Treat Swaps, Teaspoons, & Alcohol

21 Day Fix Treat Swaps

Beachbody released a long list of Treat and Beverage updates, which includes dried fruits, alcohol, and more. Make sure to save the graphics that I made to your phone for reference!

Three times a week you can swap a treat for a container. Here are the approved treats and alcohol that Autumn and Beachbody approve of:

Yellow Container Treat Swaps:

Dried Cranberries (2 tablespoons, about 30 pieces)
Dark chocolate, plain (1.5″ sq., 1 fun size bar or approximately 25 morsels)
Potato chips, plain kettle, 6 chips, 1Y
Tortilla chips, plain corn, 6 chips, 1Y
Mini pretzels (14 pieces), 1Y
Kombucha, 12 oz, 1Y (Autumn has said that 4oz a day is free)
3 C popcorn = 1 yellow container (Autumn’s YouTube, 11/2014) UPDATE: Rumblings of this being a regular yellow as of 7/2019, also mentioned as a yellow here.

Alcohol on the 21 Day Fix

Wine, (5 oz.), 1Y
Beer, light (12 oz.), 1Y
Beer, regular (12 oz.), 1 1/2 Y
Hard alcohol, (1.5 oz.), 1Y
This means you can enjoy one of these delicious coconut margaritas three times a week!
This low cal Coconut Margarita uses just a few ingredients and can take you to the beach... at least mentally. This is one of my favorite LaCroix cocktails... a LaCroix margarita!

Natural Sweeteners on the 21 Day Fix 

You can have up to 4tsp a day of natural sweeteners on the 21 Day Fix–honey, raw sugar, molasses, and maple syrup.

Purple Container Treat Swaps:

Dried apple rings, unsweet, 7, 1P
Dried apricots, unsweet 4, 1P
Dried Figs, 2, 1P
Medjool dates 1. 1P
Dried mango, unsweet, 2, 1P
100% real fruit juice, 4oz. 1P

Mixed Container Treat Swaps:

Peanut butter pretzels (12), 1Y, 2tsp
Chocolate covered raisins, 20, 1/2P & 1/2Y
Chocolate covered almonds, 6, 1/2B & 1/2Y

Updates to the 21 Day Fix Teaspoons

Butter: Use natural/organic, and count is as a tsp. Per Autumn’s YouTube channel, 4/10/14)

21 Day Fix Beverages Update

Once per day, you can use the following as a base to your Shakeology or protein shake:

8 oz of low-fat milk = 1Y, 1/2 tsp

8 oz of unsweetened almond milk = 1 tsp.

8 oz of unsweetened cashew milk= 1 tsp.

8 oz of unsweetened soy milk = 1/2R

8 oz of unsweetened coconut milk (in a box) = 1/2B

8 oz unsweetened rice milk = 1Y

8 oz of unsweetened coconut water = 1/2Y

Enjoy any of these in this Green Breakfast Smoothie:

This 21 Day Fix Green Breakfast Smoothie is the perfect quick breakfast recipe! 21 Day Fix Smoothie | 21 Day Fix Breakfast Recipe | Green Smoothie Recipe

How to Count Flours on the 21 Day Fix

When coming across foods that are approved but not on the food list, it’s nice to have this comprehensive container guide from Stephanie at The Foodie and the Fix. It helps you find the calorie and other nutritional information for each container so you can compare what you’re trying to Fix.

The flours below without a link have not been addressed by Beachbody, so I have made an educated guess on how they would be counted. 

Brown rice flour is 1/4C = 1 yellow

Whole Wheat flour and Gluten Free Flour is counted as 1/4C = 1 yellow

1/4C of oat flour is 1 yellow container

2T of almond Flour is 1 blue container

3T of coconut flour is 1 orange container

Chickpea flour is 1/4C = 1 yellow

Other Important 21 Day Fix Information:

How to Calculate Containers on the 21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix Container Sizes

Alternatives to Shakeology: Protein Shakes

Shakeology Substitutes: Meal Replacement Shakes

If you're struggling to find the Unpublished 21 Day Fix foods list updates, I've got them! I've searched the YouTube videos, the Facebook Live videos, and the blogs to bring it to you. Here are the updates (and free downloads) of the new 21 day fix treat swap options, Shakeology bases, and more!
If you're struggling to find the Unpublished 21 Day Fix foods list updates, I've got them! I've searched the YouTube videos, the Facebook Live videos, and the blogs to bring it to you. Here are the updates (and free downloads) of the new 21 day fix treat swap options, Shakeology bases, and more!


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  1. Whitney Bingham says:

    So thankful you found all of this!

  2. Thank you, THANK YOU!!

  3. Donna Recupido says:

    3 CUPS of pop corn is only 1 container? I just started today and am super confused. What is the teaspoon thing? How many teaspons are allowed in a day?

    1. Hi donna,

      That’s right – there are a few foods that go by measurement and not strictly container. Once you get used to the plan it’ll be easy to remember.

      Teaspoons are part of your daily allowance – once you calculate your containers, it’ll give you your allowed teaspoons too.

      We have a Facebook group I can add you to that could help if you’d like :)

      1. Donna Recupido says:

        Yes please add me as I am pretty overwhelmed with this and seems it should be so simple!

      2. Hi how do i get the 21 day fix kit with books and whats the fb page ?

  4. Fawzia Adams says:

    Please can I also get it in print?

    1. You’re welcome to print these, I would do black and white to avoid wasting ink! :)

  5. Christine Hennes says:

    Thanks so much. Finished one round of 21 day fix and would have loved o know these updates. Even called beachbody and was told the 2014 eating plan book was right. Grr. Looking forward to some new treats this time around. Please add me to fb for all updated you find. YOu are awesome!!

  6. Thank you for your research and willingness to share! :)

  7. You mentioned above that powdered peanut butter counts as 1/2 a yellow, but I noticed that you didn’t include it in your revised approved foods list (unless i just missed it!) Was this intentional, or did you mean to include it?

    Thanks so much :)

    1. I could only fit so much in the list, I had to stop somewhere :) Next list I’ll try to get more in!

  8. Katelyn Bradstreet says:

    So are we allowed up to 4tsp per day of natural sweeteners in ADDITION to our allotted teaspoons per day? With my calorie level I would get 4 tsp per day on the chart. So would I be able to eat those 4 on peanut butter and let’s just say 4 tsp of honey in my yogurt?

    1. Hey Katelyn!

      Yes, the sweetener teaspoons are separate from the other teaspoons that are included in your bracket. So you could definitely have 4 teaspoons of peanut butter and 4 teaspoons of honey!

  9. Hello! It states that powdered peanut butter counts as 1/2 a yellow and that looks to be 2 TBSP. But, I am showing a yellow container is 1/2 a cup which is 8 TBSP. So, wouldn’t 1/2 of a yellow be 1/4 a cup which is 4 TBSP?

    1. Hi there! Yes, Autumn has said that 2 TBSP of powdered peanut butter counts as 1 yellow. Sometimes the measurements don’t add up–this is one of those times. If you click the link in the article it will show you exactly where Beachbody said that!

      They don’t make sense some times–this is exactly why I’ve referenced all this, so I can remember where it all comes from :)

      1. Thanks i didnt know that im still learning what different things count as i sorta just fill containers then on a plate. i havent done recipies yet need to keep it simple i have both cook books for when i need ideas too

  10. Brenda Leppo says:

    I was wondering if I do juicing do i measure in containers before juicing or after juicing?

    1. Fruit and veggies that are juiced are counted differently–they don’t contain the fiber needed to count as a regular container. 4 ounces of fruit juice counts as a purple treat swap–three times a week is the limit.

  11. Would canned coconut cream be approved?

    1. Canned coconut milk is, and if you’re talking about the cream that’s on top, it is!

      1. Hi! I only see unsweetened coconut milk (which I’m assume is boxed) on the list with measurement. What does canned coconut milk/cream count towards? Thanks for your insight!

      2. Hi Nicole! I count it as a blue :)

  12. Wow this is so helpful!!! All my info is old so I’ve been so confused how people were counting almond milk for shakes and I didn’t know anything about sweeteners! This is awesome thank you!

  13. Amanda Andrews says:

    is oat milk 21 fix approved?

    1. It’s not on the official food list, but as long as the ingredients are clean I’d count 8 oz as a yellow :)

  14. Do you know if Almond Flour tortillas are still 1 yellow container?

    1. It depends on the ingredients, but they’d probably be a blue as well. You’re welcome to send me a picture of the ingredients at and I can take a look :)

      1. a BLUE?! i certainly hope not, but that would make sense! i didn’t even think about that! just sent you the pics via email! thanks for your help!

      2. I don’t see any pics yet, will keep looking. :)

  15. Heather Clifford says:

    I’m a bit confused about Chia seeds, can you tell me what category they fall into?


  16. I have attempted to do 21 day fix off and on since last year ,then got overwhelmed so stopped. I am hoping this time i can stick to it and not get overwhelmed.. i find if i just fill containers then on a plate its easier for me. im still learning how treats work and so on . focusing on one thing at a time seems to work best for me.. Thanks for your tips its helpful

  17. How do you calculate Progresso light chicken noodle soup? 130 calories per can. How does that translate into the different containers?

    1. Hi Chris, That’s something that wouldn’t be “approved” on the Fix. The Fix is all about eating unprocessed foods. Between the food additives and stabilizers in the can, the sodium, and the processed ingredients, this isn’t something you’d eat to lose weight with the Fix.

  18. Frank Beel says:

    Love the info, thanks!! How do I calculate spinach and Kale when juicing? Also can I add fiber powder as a replacement for the roughage that I’m missing during the juicing process??

    1. Hi Frank, juicing is not idea on the Fix because you’re not getting the full benefit of the vegetable. Adding a fiber powder might help a little, but it’s not the same as eating unprocessed food which is what the Fix is all about.

  19. To confirm 21 day fix users can have 1-2 tbsp of almond milk or a low sugar healthy non dairy creamer such as nut pods in their coffee 2times a day and it is not counted in a container correct ? Also when using real powered stevia (sweet leaf) you are only to use a half a packet 2 times a day for it not to be counted correct ? Thank you! Also , can you give me info on the weekly “cheat meal”?

  20. my husband who is starting the 21 day fix with me wants to consume his fruits by using our ninja blender with water and ice as he loves berries but they are not in season and will use frozen ones with no sugar added . Is that ok ? Or does some nutritional value get lost in the blending process ?

    1. Hi Lori!

      As long as their are no sugar added and you count the containers before blending, he should be all set!

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