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Shakeology is a meal replacement shake that contains a very high quality blend of superfoods that help you fight cravings, add energy to your day, and stay healthy. I drink it because the variety of vitamins and minerals in it help me with my sugar cravings. Also, on the 21 Day Fix it’s a suggested form of protein.

Shakeology helps me fight cravings and is full of quality ingredients. It's expensive, though, and a lot of people are looking for a meal replacement Shakeology substitute. Though these replacement options don't pack the nutritional punch that Shakeo does, they're decent options and contain no artificial sweeteners. #beachbody #80DO #21dayfix

Is Shakeology Necessary?

It should be noted that Shakeology is not necessary in any program. Beachbody and their coaches would like you to think it is because they make a lot of money selling it, but you can get equally amazing weight loss results without Shakeology or any other protein shake. 

Is Shakeology a meal replacement shake? 

Shakeology is not necessarily a meal replacement or simple protein powder–there is no direct substitution for Shakeology because there is no other product like it.

The products listed below have more ingredients than Shakeology and some contain ingredients that are not in Shakeology–but they’re the better store bought options we have available.

How much is Shakeology? Can I get Shakeology cheaper? 

Shakeology is very expensive, about $130/month, so many people look for alternative options to Shakeology. Shakeology is cheaper if you sign up for auto ship or sign up to be a coach–many people call it being a discount coach because you’re signed up as a coach with Beachbody just to receive the coach discount for Shakeology and not to sell Beachbody products. 

Shakeology Substitutes – Meal Replacement Powders

The most important thing you can look at when comparing meal replacement shakes to substitute for Shakeology are the ingredients. The meal replacement shakes you choose should have no artificial sweeteners. A product that claims to be “no sugar” is usually one that has artificial sweetener added.

Meal Replacement Powders contain more calories and are more filling than protein shakes. Since they’re designed to substitute a meal and not just add protein to your diet, it’s expected they would not be low-calorie.

You’ll also see that meal replacement shakes have more carbs than protein powders. On average, meal replacement powders contain about 250-400 calories per scoop.

I have chosen these products because I have studied their nutrition labels as of December 2018. I have not looked at every product that each company offers, nor have I looked at all of the flavors. Make sure to do your research before you purchase one of these in a different flavor or product.

These meal replacement shakes are comparable to Shakeology as a meal replacement shake: 

Excellent Choices for Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss

Ladder Nutrition Protein Powder (both Plant Based and Whey!)

Vega All-in-One Nutritional Shake | Sweetened with Stevia

Vega Essentials | Sweetened with Stevia

Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Meal Replacement (does not taste like bone broth) | Sweetened with Stevia and Monk Fruit

Perfect Keto | Sweetened with Stevia

 You can find more meal replacement powders with Stevia by searching the term on Amazon.

Important 21 Day Fix Information:

How to Calculate Containers on the 21 Day Fix

Alternatives to Shakeology: Protein Shakes

I did not compare these products myself, nor am I a nutritional or medical specialist. I researched to see what others are using to substitute Shakeology and compiled them for you here.

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  1. I spent way too much money on Shakeology and switched to Vega. Here’s my personal pro’s and con’s to switching to Vega.
    Pros: Vega is 80 dollars cheaper.
    You can buy it at your local Wegmans or Target and not have to pay shipping.
    You’re not harassed into getting a beach body coach or purchasing one of their programs.
    No dealing with incompetent customer service and over billing (Shakeology/beach body over charged me by $300, TWICE!)
    Non GMO unlike Shakeology.
    More protein and less calories (Vega essentials)
    Con’s: Vega doesn’t taste as good. Makes me gassy. Can’t cook with it as well as Shakeology.
    The pro’s definitely out way the con’s in my opinion. Thanks for the article.

    1. Thanks for your input :)

    2. Do you drink it plain or mix fruit with it? I’m using up the last is my Shakeology in the next few days. I usually make my morning shake with water and frozen fruit. Just wonder if adding fruit would make the Vega taste better.

      1. Yes frozen fruit or PB powder help.

  2. I use GNC Lean Shake and its 180 calories for 2 scoops at least for the vanilla. I use that one and add fruit or Pb to it. I haven’t tried the chocolate one yet but I will soon. It is cheaper and I went and got the gold card to make it even cheaper. I haven’t tried shakeology but I do use the recipes I find online with my GNC shake and they’re great!!

    1. Thanks for the tip. I’m going to try this!

  3. I use Nature’s Plus Spiru-tein high protein energy meal shakes. They taste amazing, thave lots of flavors and cost between $20 and $35 if you order from Vitamin Shoppe.

    1. I liked Spirutein also until I noticed it has lots of sugar.

  4. Love Shakeology but I cannot justify the price. I have used GNC Lean Shake – Chocolate; it was okay. I just recently purchased, Vega One and LOVE the chocolate – taste just like my Shakeology Vegan.

  5. Christina says:

    So what meals are you replacing?

    1. I usually replace my Lunch, I am a teacher and it is just easier for me to drink a shake then eat a full lunch during my lunch period. Also, I find that I am not as hungry at lunch than I am breakfast or dinner.

      1. Now why didn’t I think of that! I usually do breakfast but you’re right–I’m hungrier in the morning and evening than I am at lunch and it would save SO much hassle packing lunches every day. And it seems harder to stick with if I replace breakfast…..hmm….

  6. Great post! I really want to try the 21 Day Fix, but I don’t have the money to buy into Shakeology at this time. More importantly, if there is an equally nutritious and filling substitute, I’m all ears. Thanks!!

    1. Thanks Tracy! Shakeology is definitely more nutritious than other brands, but I think you can see similar results with others. ;)

    2. I found what I think is the best Shakeology replacement! I’ve tried many different shakes and love “Naturade Vegan Smart All in One nutritional shake.” It’s about $25 to $30! Although it says 15 servings and I think Shakeology is 30. Still way cheaper! It’s so easy on my stomach. I have zero gas or upset stomach like I did with others, including Shakeology. It even has more nutrients and amino acids than Shakeology. I compared them side by side. I actually think it tastes better, especially the vanilla! I hope this helps!

  7. I can’t afford Shakeology, so tried the RAW Meal Vanilla mix and it’s great! It’ packed with super-nutrients, digestive enzymes and probiotics along with plant-based, non-GMO ingredients. The vanilla is much better tasting than the chocolate in my opinion. I’ll keep using the RAW Meal as a daily meal replacement. Thanks for all the helpful 21 Day Fix tools and info!

  8. Have you try the Verda one ? The nutriments and calories, protein and no sodium in it seems tonne great as shakeology is.

    Is there anyone here who tried it ?

  9. Kristen H. says:

    Thanks for all this great info! I am new to 21 day fix and I was wondering what container a protein shake counts as? Do you happen to know?

    1. If you only add unsweetened almond milk, it counts as a red :)

      1. Kristen H. says:

        So good to know! thank you! I can’t wait to hop around your blog and have a look at all your fun posts!

  10. Has anyone tried Orgain? Either the meal replacements or the protein powder? I do and it seems complete but I haven’t seen it mentioned here. Just wondering.

    1. I know a lot of people who use and love it! Both meal replacement and protein powder!

  11. Which of these substitutions tastes the best? I like sweet and smooth. I tried 310 Shakes and couldn’t get over the grittiness and weird taste.


  12. Genevieve says:

    I loved Shakeo Green Berry. Cannot justify the cost now :(
    Do you guys know of any other brands that carry a similar flavor? I am in Canada, so some store brands might not be available here! Thanks

    1. I don’t–but the most important part of your search should be the ingredients in the shake, so please make sure to look at that as well!

  13. Vega Mocha is amazing! It feels like a cheat with some PB and banana.

  14. I realize I’m behind the curve with this post,but Sprout’s has there own brand of vegan and whey. The vanilla is really good. Fairly comparable to Shakeology ingreidient wise, but it’s got WAY less carbs and a very small amount of stevia for sweetness. If you do t have a Sprout’s where you live the have a website. Oh and it’s $28 for 30 servings. Also the Vega Sport makes a really good sub for the BB chocolate recovery.

    1. Please excuse my type-os.

    2. Thanks Rachael! The ingredients are most important to me, so as long as it doesn’t have artificial sweeteners, I’m in!!

  15. This information is fabulous!! Thank you for sharing all your hard work!! I like Isagenix meal replacement shakes, but I enjoy following the 21 day fix lifestyle. I use the dairy free chocolate shakes. Would this still only be counted as one red container? If not, how can I look at the ingredients to calculate the containers? Thanks!

  16. I have a former teaching colleague that now also does BeachBody coaching and often asks for me to join her. She looks great, but so do many others who do NOT do the BB program. I cannot or WILL NOT pay the price for the name. I found the 21 day fix meal plan on web and have saved that to get started.. The meals look great, and I am smart enough to make my own substitutions. I have narrowed my searches down to Vega One, Orgain and possibly 18Shake.. Have not seen any pros or cons regarding, but I am looking for non-gmo. Thanks for sharing info on the 21 day, and I would love to stay in touch and get on the right path… Starting the gym again on Monday.. SO.. wish me luck!

    1. Hi Brenda! I wouldn’t recommend 18Shake because it contains Maltodextrin–it’s an artificial sweetener that can cause you to crave sugar and hold onto weight.

    2. Jeanette Mccay says:

      I love energize hydrate and bevy but don’t need the shakes

  17. Has anyone who switched from Shakeology to Vega One noticed an increase in bloating? I switched and have done three days of Vega and have noticed severe bloat which is very unusal. I am doing same thing in my shakes (frozen fruit, chia seads, water) but I have noticed myself bloating heavy and for longer periods of time.

  18. Anyone know of a PB powder that doesn’t have sugar? Thanks!

  19. Been on shakes about a week and having diggestive issues usually I do orgain and do regular smoothies don’t need expensive shakes green smoothies is good enough for me

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