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These 21 Day Fix Chili Recipes are a great way to meal prep. You can make 21 Day Fix chili with no beans, in the Instant Pot, with the Crockpot, and more. The possibilities for these chili recipes are endless. There are even some vegetarian chili recipes included. 

Finished white chicken chili in a bowl with title at the top

When you are setting up your next 21 Day Fix meal plan make sure to choose some Instant Pot recipes. You can save yourself some time and energy but still stay on track with healthy, delicious meals.

Sweet potato chili in a white bowl ready to eat.

Can I use turkey in my 21 Day Fix chili recipes? 

Using turkey meat in your chili recipes is a great idea. The awesome thing about chili is that it’s so adaptable and forgiving in terms of flavors and texture. Chicken, beef, and turkey are all but interchangeable when it comes to making a delicious chili recipe. 

On the 21 Day Fix lean ground turkey, chicken, or ground beef would all be acceptable and since all three options are going to go into the same container you wouldn’t have to make alterations in terms of how you count these types of changes. 

21 Day Fix Chili Recipes

If you are wondering where to get the best crockpot chili recipe…look no further. I’ve got two great options for you. They’re both delicious and you have the option for a more classic chili or a white chili! 

Crockpot Turkey Chili | 21 Day Fix chili that you can throw into the slow cooker and forget about is the best! I think chili recipes that have time to simmer throughout the day really do taste the best. 

White Chicken Chili | This amazingly versatile chicken chili recipe can be made in the Instant Pot, the Crock pot, or on the stovetop so it’s a three in one master that will leave you speechless…until your bowl is empty and you need to ask for seconds! 

White chicken chili top down shot showing finished recipe ready to eat.

How to thicken chili in the Crockpot:

If you are wondering how to thicken chili in the Crockpot I have a little hack for you…Use 1 to 2 tablespoons of cornstarch and whisk it into a cup full of the hot chili liquid. Mix until there are no more lumps and then add it slowly back into your chili. This can help your recipes thicken up a bit faster if the are too thin for your liking.

The best way to thicken chili in the Crockpot is to give it plenty of time on a low heat to cook. The beans will naturally help the chili thicken if given enough time to simmer! 

Instant Pot Chili Recipes for the 21 Day Fix: 

Instant Pot Sweet Potato Chili | Sweet potato chili is a great option for the 21 Day Fix but it’s also an excellent choice for anyone looking for a meatless chili recipe! Savory and delicious and easily a vegan chili recipe. 

Chipotle Pumpkin Turkey Chili | A fall favorite is this chipotle pumpkin turkey chili. It’s a 21 Day Fix chili recipe that’s easy to make in the Instant Pot or on the stovetop, either method will result in the same delicious dinner that the whole family will love. If you are not on the 21 Day Fix you can rest easy knowing this is a healthy turkey chili recipe that tastes great. 

Stovetop Chili Recipes for 21 Day Fix & Other Beachbody Container Programs: 

Vegan Chili Delicious chili recipe with both regular container counts.

Roasted Chicken Vegetable Chili | You can use rotisserie chicken for this recipe. If you haven’t had time to check out my post about every way to cook a rotisserie chicken at home now is the time! 

Low Carb No Bean Chili | This is a great choice for those of you watching your carbs. No bean chili is popular with the meat lovers crowd as well. Two kinds of meat, no kidney beans…or other beans for that matter! This one is a winner every time. 

Mole Chicken Chili | Chicken chili is one of my favorites, the simmering allows all the chicken to stay juicy and moist and the mole flavors in this one can’t be beat! It’s a unique twist on chicken chili, give it a try! 

Clean Eating Chicken Chili | Anyone doing Whole30? If so this clean chicken chili is for you! It’s a great 21 Day Fix chili recipe that has simple, whole food ingredients that make sense. No need for overly processed ingredients in order to pack your recipes full of flavor…the proof is in the chili! 

Roasted Vegetable Chicken Chili with Avocado | The avocado in this chili recipe add a unique creaminess that is both unexpected and right on point. If you’ve been looking for a dairy free creamy chili recipe you have to give this one a try! 

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