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We recently went down to visit Rocky Point Mexico for a family getaway, and I wanted to share some of the amazing things we did and what you can expect when taking your family down!

Visit Rocky Point

Traveling To Rocky Point By Car

Rocky Point is about a 4 hour drive from Tucson. We purchased Mexican Auto Insurance for the weekend at San Xavier Mexico Insurance for approximately $60 and had the following documents handy for crossing the border:

  • Original birth certificates for both the boys
  • Title for our car
  • Passports for the adults
  • Copy of the Mexican auto insurance we purchased

The laws change slightly depending on the mode of transportation you use to cross the borders. You can find up to date information at Travel.State.Gov, a U.S. Department of State website.

After crossing the border into Mexico we settled in for an hour-long drive on the road to Rocky Point. Traffic was almost non-existent on the way down to the beaches.

Driving To Rocky Point

On the way back to the U.S., we were asked to show our documents and a Border Patrol agent did a visual inspection of our car–we waited for about 10 minutes total to get back into the U.S. It was very uneventful :)

When we arrived at our hotel and checked into our room, this is what we saw from the balcony:

Visit Rocky Point Mexico


Paradise, right? The grounds at our condo resort were beautiful, the beaches were clean, and the pools were perfect.

Where To Stay In Rocky Point

We stayed at the Princesa de Penasco on Sandy Beach. From the resort we could see the city lights in downtown Rocky Point and still enjoy the quiet and peaceful resort area. You can see the Princesa here on the right:

Princesa de Penasco

Our condo was perfect. It was clean and up to date, and had everything we needed to stay for a few days. We brought coolers full of drinks, water, and snacks (we pulled the coolers right down to the beach with us!). We also brought some sandwich making supplies for our afternoons on the beach.


Living Area

Living Room


Master Bath



While down at the beach we hunted for sand crabs and sea snails, played football, bought yummy food from the local vendors, rented a jet-ski and enjoyed the clear water and low tide:

Visit Rocky Point Mexico

The water was warm (like a bathtub!) and calm, so we felt completely comfortable allowing the boys to go out in it by themselves (not too far, though). When we were tired of the beach, we would switch to one of the Princesa’s pools. They were very clean and not crowded at all.

Where To Eat In Rocky Point

The security guard at our resort directed us to Wrecked At The Reef.

Wrecked At The Reef


Wrecked At The Reef is a nightclub with live music, but during the day it’s the perfect place to take the kids for lunch. The service and prices were great!

Ping Pong kept Jack and his friend happy until their lunches were ready:


I had the most amazing tacos I’ve had in quite a while, and my margarita was perfect!


Michael also had his first Mexican Coke of the trip–quite a treat:

Mexican Coke

I’d definitely recommend heading here for lunch with kids–even if it’s a nightclub :) We went with friends and had four kids ranging in ages from 16 months-13 years, and it was great.

We also ate at El Capitan in downtown Rocky Point and had a wonderful meal. The garlic flounder was awesome, and the views were amazing! We ate at Agave one night in the resort area, and would recommend skipping that one.


We had a blast visiting Rocky Point, and are definitely planning on heading back again soon!

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  1. Now that is an awesome view! A little too far for us to drive to from Michigan though.

    We do head over to Canada once in a while though but it’s just not as pretty.

  2. My husband used to go to Rocky Point every summer as a kid. Now I can see why it is such a fun place to go after all of your awesome pics and description.

    1. Thanks, Daisy! It was so much fun – we’ll definitely go back!

  3. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says:

    I wish it was within driving distance for me too as it sounds pretty stinkin’ fabulous, every bit of it! (Well, except for the restaurant you say to pass on.)

  4. I love that it is so close to you! That is really convenient! I’m not sure I would have thought to buy Mexican car insurance. (Shows you how much I travel!)

  5. When is the best time for warm beaches in Rocky point? I’ve gone before during February and the beaches were too cold. What time of the year was your visit?

    1. Hi there! We visited in September and the water was the perfect temperature!

      1. Can I ask why you would take your car title? Isn’t legal registration enough?

  6. Hey, that is my place!I am so glad you enjoyed your stay. We have been working on updating it and are renting it out again. If anyone is interested, please feel free to email and request 207-A at the Princessa!

  7. We have a condo at Las Polomas and frequently visit. A few things you might want to note…Insurance is mandatory, only certain foods, drinks, etc. can be brought into Mexico. Downtown is an amazing place to roam, shop, eat (Mary’s).
    Sept – Oct are perfect months because its “off season” for resorts, water is warm, tide is calm (shifting of season) humidity has broken! Watch out for the spring breakers and the summer heat though!

  8. Ashley Kirby says:

    About how much was it to stay at Princesa de Penasco?

  9. Elizabeth morales says:

    What month did tou go?

    1. We first went in September, but now go in March, June, and September :)

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