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Do you have a Starbucks lover in your life? Whether they love coffee or tea, there is something here for everyone on your list!

Here’s your 2013 Starbucks Gift Guide:

Starbucks Gift Guide

Starbucks Gift Guide
Starbucks Sampler Coffee Mug, Chocolate and Cookies $18.45
Definitely a little something for everyone here! The mug can be used for tea, coffee or hot chocolate!

Starbucks Gift Guide
Starbucks Chiseled Ombre Venti Cold Cup with 2 Lids $19.97

I LOVE these cups! Such a fun look, and even a domed lid to make room for whipped cream!

Starbucks Gift: Charm
Starbuck Coffee European Charm Bead $6.99

Starbucks Gift: License Plate Holder
 Outta My Way … I’m Going to Starbucks! $17.99

Something for the diehard work-from-Starbucks person on your list!

Starbucks Gift: Verismo
Verismo® System  $149

This gift is great for the person who doesn’t live around the corner from Starbucks, but wants to enjoy their beverages every day!

Starbucks iPhone Headphone port Plug
10pcs Starbucks Coffee Cup Earphone Jack Plug Stopper Cap $10.20

Super cute for the Starbucks-loving teen on your list. This plugs into the earphone jack on their phone!

Starbucks Mocha Powder
Starbucks Mocha Powder $7.95

Starbucks Syrup
Starbucks Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup $12.95

Starbucks KCup Carousel
Starbucks Carousel $19.99

Want to show off your KCup collection?

Christmas blend
Starbucks Christmas Blend Coffee Beans $10

Tzao Gift Basket
Starbucks and Tazo Eye Opener $34.95

A fun gift basket for the tea lover in your life!

Starbucks Clock
Starbucks Coffee Neon Wall Clock $179.99

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  1. Karen @ Karen's Soiree says:

    This is go great, I love Starbucks and I know a lot of my friends and family do too. It’s so much better than just giving them a gift card! I’ve never seen those ear buds before…now that is really cool!

  2. Awesome gift guide! Perfect timing. I might just have to go get a few gifts for myself too :) I especially love that venti cup with domed lid. I always ask for extra whip.

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