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This is one family that’s excited about the new Muppets movie!

Muppets Most Wanted


Jack and I were able to watch the movie last weekend and we loved it! His favorite character was Kermit–mine has always been Animal. Muppets Most Wanted was a bit long for the littles (just under two hours), but we loved all of the singing, the comedy, and seeing our favorite characters. It’s definitely a must-see!

This week, we practiced drawing Muppets!

How to draw a muppet: Step by step instructions


Jack did a great job and drew Animal for me!

Jack drew Animal

Here are some step-by-step instructions for you to learn how to draw a Muppet! I’ve also included a fun maze printable for you, as well.

Please click the image before printing to see it full-size!

How to draw Kermit

How to draw Kermit

How to draw Miss Piggy

How to draw a muppet

How to draw Beaker

How to draw Beaker

How to draw Animal

How to draw Animal

How to draw Fozzie Bear

How to draw a muppet

Muppets Most Wanted Activity

Muppets Most Wanted opens March 21! For more fun including trailers, digital downloads, and more visit the movie website! 

Images courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures. I attended a preview of Muppets: Most Wanted as a guest of Disney Movie Studios. I was not asked to write this review, but want to share my thoughts with those of you who are thinking about taking your families to see it. 

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    Meep..mep..meepp.mep…..BEAKER ROCKS!

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