Today, Mom Is The Crazy One

In order to appreciate what you’re about to see, you should know a few things about me.

I am not a fan of heights. Or water. And I hate getting my clothes wet – it feels almost claustrophobic to me.

This weekend,  I stepped jumped out of my comfort zone more than I ever have.

I ran a 5k, which isn’t too exciting. I’ve run many 5ks.

This 5k, however, included an obstacle course with quite a few mud pits.

Kiss Me Dirty is a female-only obstacle course and mud run where the participants are encouraged to wear costumes, ball gowns, and even wedding dresses.

My friend Breanne and I decided that we would be the Hustlin’ Honey B’s :)

I learned quite a few things while running the Kiss Me Dirty…

{sticking a collage here instead of at the end of my list because I know you all will scroll down to see photos before you read my list…}

1. It’s a little difficult to run it tutus. They creep in between your legs, which pulls the front of them down. Breanne and I had to stay on top of that, because who wants to trip over a fallen down tutu? My dear friend Colleen made our tutus, by the way!

2. Mud is heavy. Trying to run with mud caked onto your feet and legs is kind of like running in ankle weights that you can’t take off.

3. Mud run courses and nice running trails usually aren’t one in the same. Something’s got to give, and this weekend it was the nice running course. We dodged cacti (yes, the plural of cactus), small boulders, and many little ditches along our 5k route.

4. Don’t wear loose cotton capri pants during a mud run. Did you see our pants in that first picture? The mud weighed them down (Breanne’s got the worst of it) and they were thisclose to being full length pants. Thankfully, Breanne tied her pants a little tighter up top and was able to keep from mooning anyone (it was close, though…). My suggestion is to wear capris or shorts in tight legging material.

5.  From Michael: Going to see someone run in the mud is a lot of work. The course is really big, so you have to run everywhere with all the runners if you want to see anything. But watching your Mom run around like an animal rolling in the mud is fun. What? Animal? What the heck?

6. To run a 5k with an obstacle course, train for a 10k. I ran 5k a few days before the mud run without incident, but within a few minutes of beginning the obstacles, it was really difficult for me to run. Breanne and I ended up walking about half of the course, even though we were both ready to run the entire 5k. Maybe it was the stop and go of the course? The obstacles? The extra energy we used pulling our legs out of the mud pits? I don’t know, but I definitely didn’t anticipate it impacting my running the way it did.

7. Wear knee socks, longer (tight fitting – see #4) pants, or some other kind of leg protection. The mud pits were full of big rocks, and I have gashes to prove it. I’m glad I had socks and pants on to soften the blows a little, and I hate to think of what my legs would look like had I had worn shorts.

8. Bring lots of towels and garbage bags for the ride home. We put our wings, tutus, socks, and shoes in garbage bags and covered the seats of my car with towels for the ride home. We only had to drive about 15 minutes, but when you’re covered with mud, that’s a long time!

9. After the race is finished, there is a divide between people who ran and those who didn’t. Apparently, the people who didn’t run don’t like being hugged, touched, or chased by those who ran the race. This observation is clearly evidenced by the picture I took of Michael when he wasn’t talking to me:

 heehee :)

10. Do not attempt to wash your muddy clothes without first taking them outside and hosing them off. I almost did, and after seeing the dirt that came out of my dryer (after we hosed the clothes off), I am so glad I didn’t skip that vital step. Steve says it was just a coincidence that my washing machine broke on the same day as the mud run.

And just for Grandma Teetsie fun, a few more pictures:

I’m not quite sure what we’re laughing at here, but Breanne is fist pumping, so it’s a good sign.

Helping each other through the mud – I don’t suggest doing a mud run alone!

This would be where I fell. The first time.

And this is where Breanne fell. The only time.

Crossing the {bubble} finish line! I need to work on my runner stance, it seems… Breanne looks so graceful!

Finished! I can honestly say that I have never been so dirty!

 So, tell me… have you ever participated in one of these crazy races? If yes, what did you learn? If no… would you?


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  1. says

    Looks like so much fun! I fully plan on dragging/completing/participating in this next year with my cousin! If she is going to make me run a 5k, I will make her run with mud. :)

  2. says

    Just FYI, my mother and I are sitting on separate laptops reading this post. She asked why I was laughing and when I told her that I was on my friend Becca’s blog looking at pics of her running a muddy obstacle course, she said “oh! I’m looking at that now.” lol We both sat here laughing and smiling. :)

    Anyway, it looks like such a fun experience. Thanks for the pointers. I’ll be sure to keep those in mind. ;) Wish I could’ve been there during that week. It would’ve been so much fun to have incriminating photos of you. Kidding. lol

    • Becca says

      I LOVE it!! It was fun, but so, SO dirty.

      Like how I posted all the photos so nobody could hold them over my head? So smart…


  3. Berta kamaunu says

    I must say I loved the pictures. I was laughing so much. It looks like it was fun but at my age I would never attempt to do that. I’m glad it was you who had to clean up all that dirt. I’d throw the clothes out and i wouldn’t have let you get in my car. I’d put you in the back of my truck. But like I say it really looked like fun and I’m sure you will cherish those moments.

    • Becca says

      Awh, thank you!

      There were a quite a few “older” people there who walked the course and just got a little muddy. They had a blast watching it all from up close.

      I tossed my sneakers, because the task of cleaning them was too overwhelming for me! And I covered my seats with towels for the ride home!

      It was a great time, and we made some amazing memories :) Thank you for stopping by to read about it!

  4. says

    I can hardly run to save my life, but that looks like a lot of fun. My teenage son runs in 5K races and loves them. I’ve never seen any like that one though, just regular runs.

    • Becca says

      You definitely don’t have to run to do a mud run – lots of people walked it. It was fun, but it was HARD!

  5. Sharon {Grumpy, Sleepy, and Bashful} says

    Wow! That’s a lot of MUD! I am impressed, you are a CRAZY girl!

    I love to run, but I think smelly sweat is enough for me. Although, on second thought, maybe the mud would cover the sweat smell? Ok, now I’m just over-thinking it.

    Great job, I’m sure your boys were proud, even if they wouldn’t hug you.

    • Becca says

      I didn’t really expect 6 or 7 different mud pits… I thought there would be one at the end!

      And right before the race, I realized that I forgot to wear deodorant! I decided… I’m muddy. It doesn’t matter if I smell!

  6. Gramma Teetsie Thompson says

    OMG – you so pushed Breanne down in the mud. I saw it Breanne. In the picture. She PUSHED you so she wouldn’t look like the only geek. Do your friends know that you failed gym every year in high school? And the only reason you graduated was so they could get you the hell out of there? Well, if they didn’t, they do now.
    I LOVE those pictures. And, poor Michael, he is as anal as his Mom when it comes to dirt. Next, I can see you going to CA to ride the mud slides.
    (Aren’t you glad I didn’t mention the big mud kiss on your boob?) You can thank me later.

    • Becca says

      I didn’t push her, but I DID tell her that if she didn’t fall, I was going to push her in. I’ll totally admit to that.

      No, I haven’t shared my PE past… nobody would believe me!

      And thank YOU for not mentioning the mud kiss on my boob. I can totally see it now that you pointed it out :)

  7. says

    I just have to say, this looks like sooo much fun, and I might just have to do this next year, even for the HUGE entry fee! All a great cause. :)

  8. says

    So much fun! My sister-in-law was in that race this weekend to.! She was with a large team in red. My parents were there to watch and said it was the most entertaining race they have been too!

    Love your costumes!

    • Becca says

      The costumes were crazy!!! I couldn’t believe all the creative people!!

      How awesome that your parents came out! Next year, you should come down for it :)

  9. says

    Oh I love it! Running and I don’t get along, so I haven’t done one of those… ;) But I’ll happily live vicariously through you! :) LOVED all the pictures! :) And you both wear mud well. ;)

  10. Chelsea says

    What fun! You know me, I love a good mud race. Hmm, wondering what that says about me. Anyhow, I think you should look into Warrior Dash next!

  11. Carlise says

    Great job – looks like so much fun! I haven’t done a mud run yet (or does the obstacle course in basic count?) Well, I did a trail run where I ended up stuck in the mud, but I don’t think that counts either. I’ve done a beach obstacle course, which was a lot of fun, but a REAL mud/obstacle run is definitely on my bucket list – there’s a bunch down here. Thanks for the pointers! :)

  12. Christina says

    Kudos to you!!!!! That is awesome! My favorite shot is the one with your backs to the camera with your cute little muddy wings! Love it!


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