Justin Bieber’s Mom, Patti Mallette, Is Just Like You

As parents, we try to raise our kids to be the best they can be.

We try to help them make the right choices, steer them in the right direction when they start to stray, and stand back and appreciate the moments when we can see they are on the right track.

Patti Mallette is no different–she assured me of that when I spoke with her last week about her son, Justin Bieber.

Wait–did I just say that Justin Bieber’s Mom is just like you?

I did. She did, actually.

Pattie Mallette

I was among a handful of bloggers who was able to pre-screen Justin’s new movie, Believe, coming out this Wednesday, December 25th. The movie chronicles Justin’s Believe tour, which Patti accompanied him on. I chatted with Patti after I saw the movie and we shared smiles while discussing our favorite part. We both loved watching Justin’s story with friend Avalanna unfold. “The world likes to see his human side, his feelings,” said Patti. I agreed, and mentioned that it’s good for kids to see his emotions–it  helps them realize that being a celebrity doesn’t mean that you’re above struggles.

You see, Justin had a friendship with Avalanna Routh, a 6 year-old who lost her struggle with cancer last September. I don’t want to spoil it for those of you who don’t know about the relationship, but the main story is that Avalanna wanted to marry Justin. Yes, even at 6 years-old. She even called herself Mrs. Bieber. Avalanna and Justin became quite close, almost like sister and brother, and their friendship played out during Justin’s Believe tour. The moments documented in the movie will bring you to tears, especially if you’re the mom of a teen boy. Boys that age don’t easily show emotion, and to watch Justin let his guard down is heartwarming.

Justin showed his emotions, he has always loved kids. He would stop for babies when he was little and talk to them. Once at a water park, he and his friends were walking around and Justin stopped to talk with a baby. he made his friends stop, too.

After talking about Avalanna, I asked Patti a few questions about being the parent of someone so talented:

1. How did you know Justin was talented–like, talented enough to make it? I didn’t know. Everyone thinks their kid is special, the most talented, gifted, most beautiful. I didn’t know until he entered the singing competition and took 2nd place. He posted the video on YouTube for his grandmother and it went viral. He had no experience or lessons at that point.

2. I have a difficult time managing the behavior of my 13 year-old–as any parent does, I’m sure. How did you manage Justin’s behavior at that age, with all of the outside influences he had? The same way as any parent. Do what you can. Take his phone and his computer. Be the loudest voice in his ear.

Be the loudest voice in his ear.

 3. What do you do to ensure he stays grounded and doesn’t get caught up in anything negative? As a parent, you hope you train your child right, the way you want. You just hope they make the right choices when they’re on their own. At his current age, there’s a period of separation. They want to be their own person, make their own decisions. I let him come to me for help with certain things and sometimes I can just be there for him.

Everyone thinks their kids is special.

Be the loudest voice in their ear.

Just hope they make the right choices when they’re on their own.

Yes, Patti Mallette is just like you. She wants the best for her child and is standing back and hoping he makes the right choices.

Justin Bieber Believe PosterYou can see Believe this Christmas, December 25th at major theaters.


  1. Denise at Life With Four Boys Coffee Please says

    Be the loudest voice in their ear – I was struck by that. Such simple advice offered but it is all so right on. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Ellen says

    Patti. Should be quite upset about her sons awful behavior lately..he has surrounded himself with a lot of greedy thugs and his mom needs to wake up and see how terrible his language and behavior is. I’m afraid he is on drugs and his mom should pull him out of the industry before he ends up like Michael Jackson??too weird and lost”!!!!!!

    • Becca says


      At some point, we have to step back away from our children and let them do things on their own. We’ll all make some poor choices and most of us will rebound and learn from them. I can’t image living the life he lives and having all of my choices amplified by the media for people to judge. At 18, he’s too old to be told what to do by his mother, but he has her to help support him emotionally-I believe she is doing the best she can right now, as is Justin. I prefer to not rely on entertainment news sources for my information and not judge those I don’t know. I respect your comment, and thank you for it, but think we should not judge those we don’t know.

  3. Ellen says

    Yes..you can always judge those you know and it is what we should do as humans
    who are trying to live better. The problem with the world is everyone is too scared
    of judging. There is no wrong with judging..you have to judge as a mom, parent
    and a person trying to improve their life. The word itself is way overused especially
    from non Christians. This world is trying to be too politically correct. I judge
    him based on the live interviews I’ve seen and the direct quotes I’ve read.
    We can’t live in la la land and because someone is nice and sweet and we adored
    them in the interview …we don’t judge their child. Yes, we pray and feel sorry for
    an 18 year old who is being misled by wrong people. Yes…this is when a mom
    does step in and guide her so. He can be told what to do before 21 an adult age.
    Sure growing up with that much money./.everyone makes mistakes, but
    he hasn’t turned from his mistakes and tried to be better. He is turning odd
    and weird from the interview I heard on cosmo. YES HIS MOM DOES
    NEED TO STEP IN…!!!! He needs to get out of the public eye
    and grow up. I’m sure it’s extremely difficult in the public eye, and his choices are poor
    ones. He is becoming a superficial, empty soul.

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