Jesus Loves Total Wine


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Last week, Steve asked me to grab some beer on the way home. Total Wine is right next to the mall (where I may or may not have been with Jack), so we popped in there. We found the beer and walked to the register. As I was getting ready to grab my wallet, Jack said, “Mom, Jesus must love Total Wine.”

The cashier giggled, and I was caught off guard.

“What did you say?”

Jack: “Jesus must love Total Wine.”

“Ummm… why?”

By this time the cashier is more than giggling.

Jack: “Well, Molly says that at church they taught her that Jesus’ body is made of bread and his blood is made of wine and they drink wine every week at church. So he must love coming here to fill up his blood. I bet he would sleep here if he could.”

“Ahhh… yes. He must love it here.”

I should note that we aren’t a religious family. Most of what the kids know about God comes from religious family members and friends. Sometimes this is good, and sometimes it’s… well… funny ;)


  1. Sara @ says

    Well of course! I like to visit Total Wine and indulge just so I feel closer to Jesus. And his blood. ;)

  2. Aaron Brinker says


    You made me laugh with that story. Children always say the funniest things. I always wonder what it will be like in the “far” off future when they read our blogs and come back to us with stunned looks. They will either say, “I didn’t really say that did I?” or “Did you have to remind me I said that?” In my opinion, either way is good…they can never deny it happened and their future spouses will know all the good stories with details!!

    Aaron Brinker aka DadBlunders

  3. Cameron says

    haha that reminded me of what happened with my little cousin Sarah who is four. My aunt was in the Kitchen making lunch and my cousin kept banging on the fridge door. Finally my aunt had enough and shouted “Jesus, will you stop.” the only reply we heard was “It’s wasn’t Jesus, it was me mommy.”

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