Jack Shakes It

If you are family or a {very} long time reader, you may remember Michael’s 3rd grade music performance – his last music performance, actually.

Do you see him? Wearing the striped shirt in the back left hiding behind the wall? Yup. That’s Michael. The quiet one. The shy one. The one who never had to attend another music performance because he had such anxiety about people watching him on stage.


Please excuse my small photos… they are from my original blog. Back then I obviously didn’t know that bigger was better. 

A few months later, Jack had his preschool music performance. He made us realize that though brothers, he and Michael are completely different.

Fast forward to 3:40 into the video:

And now.

Last night, Jack spent the night at a friend’s house. The friend’s Mom was taking her son Colton to the school talent show (he was lip synching), and Jack was going to tag along.

Last minute, she asked if Jack wanted to go up on stage while her Colton lip synched his song.

Jack didn’t know the words, but said yes, and decided that he would “shake it” while Colton was performing.

No rehearsal.

No prior notice.

And obviously, no second thoughts.

Colton’s Mom called me and we rushed over to catch Jack’s performance.

You don’t have to fast forward this video, because he dances for the entire 3 minutes and 50 seconds.

Michael and his friends were watching, and one said “Michael, isn’t that your brother? You are SO different.”

I get the nature vs. nurture debate, but today?

It’s all about nature.



  1. Eileen Short says

    That boy’s got talent and rhythm! So “nature” implies it came from you or Steve…when’s *that* video coming?!

  2. Christina says

    LMAO I love it!!! GO boys – they are both just awesome!

    My kids are the opposite too…I’m sure you remember Alex’s Christmas program last year in which he cried and cried and I ended up knocking ornaments off the big tree in front of everyone and then gracefully booked it out of there!!

    Aurora on the other hand, is currently working on an opera with the Santa Fe opera!

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