I’m A Mom. Of Dudes.

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I’m a Mom of two boys. I don’t know what it’s like to have a girl, but from what I hear, it’s not easy. While all of us boy Moms only have to worry about rocks in the dryer, peeing outside in public, and lizard catching, you have to deal with shoe shopping, diva days, and combing tangles. I don’t envy you now, but need you to know that it hasn’t always been easy living with these boys.

Over the years, I have heard many stories from my friends who have little girls. It seems that while I was pulling my boys off of the dining room table (they were big climbers), your little girl was reading quietly in her room.

While I was searching for child safe locks for every.single.thing in my house and pulling my kids out of the refrigerator (their favorite hiding place), you were enjoying the peace and quiet of tea parties and coloring marathons.

Oh, and the pets. The poor pets. Both my boys rode our dogs like they were horses. Jack brushed their teeth-with his toothbrush. Michael made them wear necklaces. And they both thought it was their job to put all of the dog food into the water bowl – making a slimy mess for Mom to clean. I *know* you other Moms of boys know what I’m talking about. And my friends? They reported that besides one or two cases of Fluffy wearing a tiara, their little princesses left their pets alone.

My boys are much calmer now, and from what my friends tell me, their girls are a bundle of tween drama. The hair, the makeup, the phone drama! Over here we are dealing with the usual boy stuff. Messy rooms, nasty toilets (that are now being cleaned by them every day), and the consumption of almost a gallon of milk a day. No biggie.

Just this morning when I took the boys for a run (they rode their bikes), they went ahead of me a little, got off their bikes, and were poking around off the trail. When I asked what they saw they calmly replied “a mama bobcat and her cubs!” I truly believe that they only thing that kept me from snatching my boys up and running home while screaming sane is the fact that I have boys. Nothing scares me anymore.

I laugh in the face of mama bobcats.


  1. Eileen says

    LOVE it! Definitely something special about dude moms! When two or more boys are in a room, it’s just different…SO SO active!

  2. Gramma Teetsie says

    You are the coolset “Dude” Mom that I know. Would that make you a “Dudette”? Because if it does you are the coolest “Dudette” your sons will ever know. Love you and love your blog and your boys etc. etc. blah blah blah. And to Kristi – I also think she is very stunning. And funny, and smart and one of the best Mom’s I know. (Can you tell my birthday is coming up soon). Oh, yeah, I love your sense of humor too. (I heard it’s alot like your Mom)

  3. says

    Aw, Becca…love this! And I can SO relate. There are so many things that I know way more about now that I ever thought I would–dinosaurs, snakes, pirates, guns/knives/swords, and dirt–all thanks to my wonderful boys.

  4. Carlise says

    Ummmm…..you haven’t met Ava. Always been a HUGE climber and still is. Peace and quiet? Never. Talks our ears off from the moment she gets up in the morning until she goes to sleep. Bounces off the walls. Rides the dog (often while wearing a princess gown) and puts the food in the water bowl. Terrorizes the cats. Gets filthy (also often while wearing a princess gown). Plays football (with Daddy) AND is a cheerleader. Runs faster than any kid I know. TONS of drama but loves everyone and everything. My son was actually the easy one. But she’s so sweet and smart and funny and has more character than almost anyone I know, so it’s all worth it. :) Oh, and we go through about a gallon of milk every other day…at least half of which is consumed by none other than my sweet little 4-year-old GIRL. :))

  5. says

    And I am now freaking out about Leo in 3 years…so thanks :)

    But remember that not all girls sit quietly…at least Boo doesn’t. Girl loves to rough and tumble, dig and get dirty. She loves sports, even while wanting to look “cute” Sigh

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