How To Fix iOS7 Common Issues #iOS7

Struggling to love the new Apple iOS7 operating system? You’re not alone-I promise. As I found out after publishing my iOS7 Tips and Tricks post, people are having some issues–especially with the wallpaper resizing, calendar app and iMessage. I an going to tell you how to fix iOS7 common issues.

How To Fix iOS7 Common Issues

iOS made my wallpaper too big. How do I resize my background?

You can use one of the iOS7 default wallpapers (shown below) or choose one of your own. The problem some people are having with using their own images is that iOS7 automatically resizes their wallpapers and backgrounds now. This is a part of the Parallax feature. To turn off Parallax (and leave your images the size they were), you’ll want to head to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion. This is also helpful if you have motion sickness and are not able to easily view your new iPhone screen.

iOS7 Wallpaper Resize


I hate the new calendar in iOS7. How can I change it?

iOS7 Calendar App

I understand you don’t like the look of the new calendar. It’s so… white. The font is so… red.

I get it. Promise.

Unfortunately, you can’t really do anything about it yet. I’m sure there will be some customizations available down the line, but for now you either have to live with it or use another calendar app.

Use another calendar app?

Yup, I said that.

There are a lot of available calendar apps for you to use–here are a few of my favorites:


This seems to be everyone’s favorite iOS7 replacement calendar app right now. For $4, you can get some control over your beloved iPhone calendar again with:

  • talk to text support
  • easy search function
  • supports iCloud, Google calendar and Exchange
  • move an event by tapping, holding and dragging
  • the day ticker gives a quick at-a-glance look at your day

Fantastical iPhone Calendar


Up To

A free modern calendar app that uses public event calendars and a social aspect to connect with family and friends. Here are the highlights:

  • supports Yahoo, Google calendar and Outlook
  • follow streams such as movie releases, TV premieres and professional sports schedules
  • swipe to hide less important events to keep your eyes on what is important right now

iPhone Calendar UpTo


Especially for those with families, Cozi is an interactive calendar that your family can share.

  • color code events by family member
  • set reminders for your family
  • create shopping and to-do lists that everyone can add to
  • weekly agendas can be sent to each family member in an email

Cozi iPhone Calendar

iMessage isn’t sending messages

Humor me and restart your iPhone. I know, it seems silly–but try it. Most of us don’t shut our phones off as much as we should (I do it daily) and this can cause quite a few bugs. This can be even more of an issue after a big change like an operating system update. I’d estimate that 70% of issues people have asked me about since updating to iOS7 have been fixed just by restarting their iPhone.

If that didn’t work turn off your iMessage and if possible, send messages as texts. This is a known issue that Apple is working on–they should have an update out very shortly.

I’m receiving a family member’s iMessages

Head into Settings > Messages > Send and Receive

Under “you can be reached at,” make sure your correct email address and phone number are checked.


Any other questions you’d like me to add?

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  1. says

    I can’t believe people hate the calendar app. I love it! It’s so clean and easy on the eyes. The other apps up there made my eyes hurt.

    That being said the iMessage has been a problem for some. For me, the autocorrect is out of control!!! It recently changed “that” to “thy.” Now why do that?

  2. says

    Quick question regarding Fantastical: What about birthdays? Do they import from iCal or would I need to go through and add all the birthdays to the new app?

    I find that there are way too many steps between the pages… I like that on Fantastical (I saw it on the screenshot on the iTunes preview) that I can look at a day’s events in list form while leaving the entire month up. Sometimes I’m looking at “which Tuesday I can fit in a doctor’s appointment” and this will make it so much easier than swiping through each week of the month…

    I’ve never switched from iCal so I’m a bit like a new parent dropping her first kid off at child care… I feel silly, but, well, that’s the way it is. :)

  3. Nancy Hatten says

    Perhaps there’s an answer for this: following my updating my apps thru the App Store, the Update page does not clear itself as it had previously. Before you just had to close the app and the notices des appeared. Now the ‘open’ notification alerts you to the completion of the update, and if you open it and then close the updated app, when you go back to Update page in App Store, the notice is still there. How to get a blank page following a successful update of apps?

  4. Stacey says

    Since upgrading to ios7, my iphone 5 won’t play music through my docking station. It charges fine, my phone recognizes the docking station’s ‘play,’ ‘ffwrd’ and ‘next’ functions and responds to them when pressed, but the music now plays through the phone rather than through the docking station. My Iphone 4 with ios 6 still plays through the dock, so definitely a software issue of the new operating system.


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