Sweet And Creamy Coconut Oil Coffee Recipe

My morning coffee is sometimes the only thing that gets me out of bed. Even living in the desert doesn’t take away how great it is to wake up to a hot cup of coffee.

I’ve recently started adding coconut oil to my coffee and I love it. In addition to the health benefits, it makes it a little easier for people with sensitive stomachs to drink coffee because it makes the coffee feel a little less acidic.

Creamy Coconut Oil Coffee Recipe

My husband prefers his coffee sweeter than I like mine. He has fallen in love with Coffee-mate’s Italian Sweet Cream coffee creamer and hasn’t looked back since switching. Coffee-mate has added to their line of coffee creamers and now offers an Extra Sweet & Creamy flavor. If you don’t like your coffee that sweet, Coffee-mate has something for you too. In addition to their flavored creamers, their line ranges from Original to Italian Sweet Cream to Extra Sweet & Creamy.

Coffee-mate’s new flavor, Extra Sweet & Creamy, gives you a balanced cup with creamy taste and extra sweetness. It really brings out the flavor in your coffee.


Here’s the recipe for my Creamy Coconut Oil Coffee

Creamy Coconut Oil Latte Ingredients



Coconut Oil

A blender or milk frother

Coffee-mate creamer (we’re using Italian Sweet Cream right now, but the new Extra Sweet & Creamy would be a great creamer, too!)

1. Pour your cup of coffee, then add about 3T of coffee to your blender or frother

2. Add 1-2T coconut oil to your blender or frother (Coconut oil will solidify at about 75 degrees. Don’t stress if it’s summer and your coconut oil is liquid!)

Coconut oil in coffee

3. Add 3-4T Coffee-mate creamer to your blender or milk frother

milk frother for coconut oil coffee

4. Blend or froth

5. Pour the contents of the blender or frother into your coffee cup.

creamy coconut oil coffee

6. Enjoy your foamy, delicious creamy coconut oil coffee!

creamy coconut oil coffee

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  1. Tina says

    That’s awesome! I never once ever thought to froth my creamer! And the healthy addition of coconut oil is even better!

  2. greyowlmama says

    I am in love with regular Coffeemate.
    Now that I see you can add coconut oil I am over the moon!
    I don’t have a frother though, but maybe even if I had a whisk.

  3. Dave P says

    I like the French Vanilla and the Coconut flavor of Coffee mate–hard to find but I always got it at walmart :)

  4. says

    I’ve actually never tried Coffee mate…but I’ve seen them in the store. I’m going to go try one! Based on all the comments it’s a winner. I didn’t know they had so many different flavors!

  5. Shannon S says

    Coffeemate is my go to creamer, the other brands just don’t compare. My favorite flavors are fat-free hazelnut and, when it’s in season, peppermint mocha. Yum!!

  6. says

    I like coffee – just about any way! I’m currently using the Girl Scout cookie Samoa flavor and it’s yummy – so I’d probably really like the one your hubby likes!

  7. Kendra Heffelfinger says

    I like my coffee sweet too. I usually stick with French Vanilla. I’ll have to try the Sweet Italian Cream one though.

  8. Jan Doyle says

    Can’t wait to try this. We use the Hazelnut Coffee Mate. We have to take it with us when we go on vacation. My husband thinks coffee is just not right without it.

  9. David says

    We always have three or four varieties in the cupboard. I am not partial to any particular flavor, but if forced to choose they have a caramel variety that I really like.

  10. Charity L. says

    My favorite has always been french vanilla. But I also like the Peppermint mocha when it is available. Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  11. says

    I LOVE Crème Brulee Coffee Mate creamer! I’ve been drinking it for years and haven’t found another creamer that compares! I just started experimenting with coconut oil and will definitely give it a whirl in my morning coffee! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Melissa says

    I too like the Italian cream. I use half n half also. I don’t like the fast of “non dairy powder creamer”. What’s in that stuff anyways?

  13. Dawn Sterner says

    I always use Caramel Macchiato or French Vanilla, but your recipe for the Creamy Coconut Oil Coffee sounds delicious!!

  14. Amanda K says

    I am a coffee addict, and there are too many flavors that I love! I’d said Cinnabon, Coldstone, and Almond Joy are a few of my favs… when they are on sale ;)

  15. Kimberly says

    I did not know they made Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mints — I’d love that! My favorite now is usually French Vanilla!

  16. Amy Honious says

    I love the Cafe Mocha in my coffee on the weekends. I used to adore the Hazelnut, but I think it is too sweet for me now. Thanks for the very nice giveaway!

  17. Deb Anderson says

    like you on Facebook

    Going to have to try your coconut oil coffee recipe. I keep hearing about the benefits of coconut oil, but other than using it for frying or cooking, I couldn’t come up with any tasty ways to get it directly. Your coffee idea sounds divine!

  18. sarah jerome says

    love my french vanilla creamer in my coffee.. use coffee mate french vanilla every day in my coffee.. gotta have my coffee when I wake up n like another cup in the evening to just relax.. thanks for the chance.. Irish cream is another good flavor I like…

  19. bing mendoza says

    I’ve been using Coconut Milk in my coffee (still with Coffeemate of course). Its heaven. Just don’t place too much (about 15 ml max) or it will taste sour (well at least for me). Kudos you and your blog.

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