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This is part two of my Pinterest Basics for Bloggers series. Find part one here.

As I’ve mentioned before, Pinterest is the place to be for bloggers who have content to share. I have some more tips for you today!

Pinterest Tips and Tricks For Bloggers

In my post about making your blog content go viral, I said that I pin most of my blog posts multiple times to multiple boards. There are a few tricks to doing this.

  • Don’t pin the same post multiple times to the same board over and over. For example, I pin a recipe post to Just for Jack first (because we’re pretending Jack loves that recipe), then to Looks Yummy, then to My Crazy Good Life. If it gets popular, that pin will go on my Popular Pins board, as well. I just go down the list of boards scanning for somewhere the post will fit, then pin it. After a few days start the process over again, making sure to pay attention to any group board rules you have.
  • When you link to your blog post, also give your readers an option to pin the post to read later:

Pin It For Later


  • Invite people to follow along with relevant boards in your blog post. Like this:

To learn more about Pinterest, follow my Pinterest Tips board!

Well, maybe it doesn’t have to be that big. You know what I mean ;)

Fun Pinterest Tricks and Tips

  • To see what has been pinned from your blog, head to I go to
  • To be alerted when content is pinned from your blog, head to Pin Alerts and set up an account. They’ll notify you when your content is pinned.
  • Don’t “pin dump.” That’s when you log on and pin multiple things within a few minutes and log off. Especially don’t do this when pinning posts from your blog. People will see #allthepins from you and scroll right past them all.
  • To see how much traffic Pinterest is driving to your site, log into your Google Analytics accounts and click Traffic Sources > Referrals. If you see Pinterest, click it:

Blog Traffic Sources

Click on Pinterest and you can view each individual pin that’s sending traffic to your site:

Pinterest Traffic on Blog

Make sure to check and see if there’s more than one page – I just saw that I have 406 pages of pin links. I’ve been using Pinterest for a long time!

To Grow Your Pinterest Presence, Repeat After Me: Search, Follow, Search, Follow, Search, Follow.

When something catches your eye, look to see who else pinned it. Click through to see their boards and then look to the bottom of the pin to see who else pinned that item–you’ll probably be interested in following them, too!

Find More Pinners

When want to find more boards with similar content, do a Pinterest search for it. For this pin, I’d just search for “nails.”

The more you search and follow, the more diverse content you’ll have to share!

Here are some other great Pinterest posts I wanted to share with you:

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2. Business2Community tells you 11 Ways To Maximize Pinterest Pins Of Your Blog Content

3. Kevin & Amanda tell you how to Add A Pinterest Mouseover Button To Your Blog – for WordPress and Blogger blogs!

Do you have any Pinterest tips for me? I’d love to hear them!

This is part two of my Pinterest Basics for Bloggers series. Find part one here.

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  1. So, I actually set aside time tonight to READ some of the things I pinned and of course I started with my “learning social media” board because…well, it’s obvious by the title. I thought it would be fitting to start with the items about Pinterest. I read through one of your’s and then clicked through the link to this one and find all of this very helpful and interesting!!! And you are so methodical in your alphabetical ways of pinning to multiple boards! I need to step up my game from pin dumping and creating boards on a whim and then rarely reading any of them, because even today I deleted something I pinned because after reading it, I wasn’t very pinterested in the actual content!

  2. Becky Castle Miller says:

    Is there any way to schedule Pins? I know I’m guilty of pin dumping.

    1. There aren’t any free services right now, but I’m holding out hope there will be one soon. I think the prices I’ve seen are between $75-150 per month :-/

  3. Thank you for sharing this!! I’m taking your advice, as well as I’m pinning all your advice today too :)

    1. Thank you!! Let me know if you have any questions!

  4. I almost hesitate to give this tip out only because it can and is sometimes misused. A pin can be redirected when you change the source. I go into my Profile and Pins and review the pins in each board. I look for the pins without a source which is usually uploaded by a pinner. Click on the pin and look for the box at the bottom of the pin, when the box is empty it has no redirection. So, when you find a pin without a source, paste your blog address in it, click save and when some one clicks on that pin it will be redirected to your blog. I suggest you only do this on pins that have something to do with your post because you could alienate followers if you’re just trying to fool them and build traffic and NEVER do this to a pin that will require the redirection for information like a recipe.

    Use this tactic with good karma in mind. :)

    1. Yes! Thank you! I agree, it can be misused, but I truly think that 99.9% of people are good at heart. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I’m really trying to figure out how to use Pinterest effectively.

    I started my blog in October. Since I’m teaching art that means visuals. I think they could do well on Pinterest but trying to understand how to get my pins seen. For example I did a couple gift ideas posts with Pinterest friendly graphics but how to get them seen is the question…

    I like the idea of posting to multiple boards. I don’t have a board of just my blog posts so maybe I’ll start there.

    Thanks for the info!

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