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Moscow Mule recipes are fun, refreshing, and easy to make. Learn more about the Moscow Mule, how it got its name, the traditional ingredients, and of course some fun recipes to try!

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We love a good Moscow Mule. It’s a simple drink that’s become very popular over the last few years and normally includes vodka, limes, ginger beer, and of course a copper mug. Did you know there are a ton of variations of the Mule? I’ve pulled together 25 of the most delicious-looking Moscow Mule variations for you to try.

What is a Moscow mule?

A traditional Moscow Mule is a cocktail that contains vodka, lime juice, and spicy ginger beer. They are usually garnished with a wedge of lime!

These variations are all a mix on that same base concoction. You can choose your favorite flavors or try them all! Each one is different, and tasty in its own way.

Fresh Moscow Mule recipe ready to drink.

Is ginger beer the same as ginger ale?

No, ginger beer is definitely different from ginger ale. Ginger beer is fermented while ginger ale is not. Ginger beer is also a little more spicy than ginger ale.

For a great Mule recipe you are going to want ginger beer and not ginger ale. The two are unfortunately not interchangeable.

How did the Moscow Mule get its name?

There doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer to that…there is no long standing tradition for this one! Typically people associate vodka with Russia so the Moscow likely comes from there and many people think that the mule part of the name came from the ginger beer because it packs a kick…like a mule.

It might be as simple as that! Vodka, ginger beer, and lime are simple enough to remember and if you forget the name reminds you!

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Now it’s time for the good stuff! Here are some of the best Moscow Mule recipes from all across the internet. You can search out some of your favorite flavors to try or just work your way down the list!

Moscow Mule recipes that would be perfect for the holidays:

Some people think that Moscow mules are a summer drink, I’d agree because they are quite refreshing. These recipes however work to elevate the Moscow Mule cocktail into something that we can enjoy year round. These particular recipes are perfect for the holiday season and cooler weather.

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Unique and cool variations:

Not all Moscow Mule recipes need to be all tradition and no fun! These cool and funky recipes might be just what you are looking for, after all, cocktails are supposed to be a little bit fun!

Fruity recipes to try:

Each Moscow Mule cocktail in this group is spiced up with a different fruity flavor. If you like a refreshing kick with your cocktails you will definitely want to try all of these!

If you aren’t sure about these fresh and fruity recipes, just pick your favorite fruit and start there. Just because these mules are traditionally made with lime does not mean they can’t be enjoyed with different fruit juices!

One of my favorite things to do during the summer months is try out different fruity cocktails. It’s a great time of year to experiment with flavors because nothing tastes bad when sitting next to the pool taking in the rays. Summertime is also a great excuse to use copper mugs, they keep your drinks cold and refreshing until the last drop.

fresh and fruity Moscow Mule.

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  1. Who doesn’t like a good Moscow Mule, right! These look tasty and I can’t possibly get thorough all of these before 2016. But, I’ll sure try!!

  2. LOVE Moscow Mules and this roundup. Now I know exactly where to go when I’m looking for a new version to try! Thank you for including my Spiced Pear version!

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