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Mini apple pie and ice cream

We went to the local apple orchard last weekend and picked until we couldn’t pick anymore. We made these mini apple pies as an alternative to making an entire apple pie–because I can’t be trusted around an entire apple pie.

Fresh Picked Mini Apple Pie Recipe

Try them out, and let me know what you think!

Ingredients for Mini Apple Pie Recipe

1. Skin the apples and cut them in half, scooping out the seeds and a bit of the apple. Set the extra apple aside.

mini apple pie recipe

Skin the apples

2. Cut the pie crust into 4 and begin wrapping the outside of the apples in pie crust. Cut off any extra.


3. Using the extra pie crust, cut out a leaf for each apple.

4. Cut small slits into each apple half:

Slits5. Stick these in the oven at 450 degrees. Check after 5 minutes, then every 2 minutes. When you poke them with a sharp knife and the apple is soft, they’re done.

6. Take the extra apple and the rest of your ingredients and mix them together for the topping. You might have to chop the apple up a bit.

mini apple pie filling

7. Stick the topping into the oven next to the pies. It’ll probably have to cook a few minutes longer than the pies–about 10 minutes.

8. Add the topping to the apple pies. Add ice cream or caramel if you wish. I love mine as they are.

mini apple pie and ice cream

Fresh Picked Mini Apple Pie Recipe


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