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These decorative mason jar cups are fun because you can decorate for each holiday, then just remove the balloons when you’re done using them!

DIY Balloon "Dipped" Mason Jars


Balloons (colors and prints are fun to play with!)

Mason Jar


Directions for your Balloon Dipped Mason Jars:

1. Wash and dry the mason jars.

2. Select your first balloon.

3. Cut the neck and base of the balloon, then stretch it out and put it over the mason jar. I’ve also seen people leave the top of the balloon on so it covers the bottom of the jar.


4. It’s easier to stretch the balloon over the jar if it’s upside down.


5. Repeat for any other balloon colors or designs you’d like to add.

Balloon Dipped Mason Jars

6. Flip your jar over…


Add a fun paper straw, and you’re ready to party!


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  1. These are great, and they don’t make the jars slippery for the little ones – no more accidents!

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