Creamy Caramel Iced Coffee Popsicles

Caramel Iced Coffee Popsicles

It’s that time of year in Arizona– time when everything tastes better frozen.

Yes, everything.

I can’t imagine turning the coffee maker on and drinking hot coffee, so I decided to turn my morning coffee into a popsicle!

Creamy Caramel Iced Coffee Popsicles

As I mentioned, it’s too hot for me to turn on the coffee maker. Since I’m just making a quick cup to turn into iced coffee, I used the Melitta Pour-Over Brewing Cone.  This would also be great for someone who is camping and can’t bring a coffee maker!



12 ounces cold coffee (I love Seattle’s Best brand!)

12 ounces milk

3T caramel syrup (I use Starbucks brand, but you could substitute for any thin liquid brand of caramel syrup)

1/4 C sugar

Caramel sundae syrup (optional)


1. Mix hot coffee and sugar together until sugar dissolves. Add milk and thin caramel syrup.

2. Pour into ice pop molds and freeze.

3. Optional: For layered ice pops, fill 1/3 of mold with iced coffee and freeze. Add a layer of caramel sundae syrup and freeze again, then keep adding layers (freezing between each one) until mold is filled. I used black coffee with sugar for my thin layers.

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I was compensated for this post by Seattle’s Best Coffee. All opinions are mine. This  giveaway post has been edited. 


  1. says

    Love this but my mind is saying only one thing: You put them on the ground? Tell me the five second rule was applied and you didn’t waste these gorgeous creations.

    • Becca says

      Well, I wouldn’t say “waste…” They were used for photographic purposes. I had about 6 minutes to get all the shots. After about 3, I wasn’t able to rearrange them any more.

      The recipe makes tons, so I’ll make more ice pops tomorrow!

  2. Molly says

    I still drink it hot with cream only, but only one cup, usually, before I’m too hot for coffee. [Don’t tell Seattle’s Best, but I switch to soda then … I still can’t get a decent homemade iced coffee. Haven’t tried your Via based one yet.]

  3. Georgia Beckman says

    When it’s hot out I still like a cup of hot coffee in the mornings. (or a few dozen cups) Once noon hits, I like to pretty it up a bit………….iced coffee recipes, with whipped cream & a chocolate or caramel drizzle…………..and some shaved coconut to top it all off. (although these are easily as guzzle-able as hot coffee, there’s a tad more caloric content, lol)

  4. DG Middendorf says

    I drink coffee any way I can get it and any time I can get it. Hot, cold, medium, yesterdays, todays, last weeks!!! I don’t care! I just have to drink it! I love it iced, black, with cream, with out cream, strong, weak, etc…!! I think you get what I’m saying.

  5. says

    Even when it’s hot outside, I still drink my morning coffee hot. I think drinking coffee all day is kinda a teacher thing! But, in the afternoon (whether the weather is hot or cold) I like my iced coffee with 1 splenda and cream. Yumm!

  6. Geoff K says

    I love to make iced coffee with my Keurig brewer and add a little flavored syrup (vanilla or hazelnut) and sugar.

  7. Leslie says

    I make iced coffee but use a spoonful of vanilla ice cream for flavor and to help it get a little frosty.

  8. Annamarie Magee says

    Ice cubes! Lots of them and milk! It helps cool my body and still give me the morning kick!

  9. Jennifer says

    missing coffee is not a good idea in my book, so iced coffee is the way to go when it’s super hot out!

  10. Sharon says

    i usually keep it simple, but sometimes i like making ice cubes out of coffee so that it doesn’t dilute, or leaving a mug in the freezer so it stays extra cold when i pour the coffee in

  11. Maryann D. says

    In the morning I do like hot coffee with creamer. In the afternoon especially at work I do like sweet iced coffee.

  12. says

    I normally drink my coffee with nothing in it. But when it’s hot outside, I love iced coffee with sugar, cream or flavored creamer, and lots of ice. Nothing cools me off any better!

  13. Lynne T. says

    Hot or cold out, I prefer my coffee hot and that’s how I drink it each morning, with a tiny bit of milk or half & half in it, no sugar.

  14. Jennifer says

    I like hot coffee in the morning even in summer. In the afternoon, I may indulge in an iced coffee with coffee ice cubes.

  15. april says

    I like my coffee hot every morning all through the year, no matter the weather. When its hot out I will sometimes get an iced coffee for a treat or some coffee ice cream. Yum!

  16. Marti B. says

    I drink my coffee and tea both hot in the summer. I think it actually cools me off faster by making me sweat!

  17. sheila ressel says

    When it’s hot out I drink it heavily iced with carmel, cream, a little sugar and whipped cream. Yummy!

  18. Jeannie says

    I still drink a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Unfortunately, I have not found a way to make an iced coffee that I love, but I keep trying.

  19. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    I like to blend up ice, coffee, milk and a little flavored creamer to make a frozen coffee, yummmm!

  20. Tamie Tarbox says

    I love to drink my Quad iced Mocha while driving in my car listening to the radio. Good times!

  21. Amy Anderson says

    I have to have my coffee hot in the morning. But when its hot out I make it iced in the afternoon with milk and a little flavored syrup!!

  22. cassie says

    whoops…spelled my email address wrong Comment # 10 I think my hubby like frozen mint mocha coffee drinks best….but is a good coffee of any sort lover as well. Thanks for the giveaway cassiemdowatgmaildotcom

  23. Gigi says

    I’m a kook- I love it black and hot. Even when it’s hot out. But seriously, if the humidity is hopping(as it was in Chicago the last two weeks), I will do iced coffee instead.

  24. Gigi says

    i am new to your blog, but I enjoy what I’ve seen so far!
    I did follow all your boards on Pinterest: my username is
    Also- holy crap, you’re in Arizona? Did y’all break that record yesterday(or was it Sunday?). Stay cool(I know how ridiculous that sounds!)

  25. Michelle S. says

    I typically prefer iced coffee over hot coffee. I’m not a big fan of hot drinks even in the winter when it’s cold.

  26. Sue Hull says

    My fave is a venti sugar free hazelnut frap and I love it xx-thick at starbucks. I won a Keurig 2 days ago so I plan on making me some delish yummy ice coffee at home. Thank you :)

  27. says

    I love coffee anytime anywhere hot or cold it doesn’t matter haha. I do like to add a few cookies or some toast with jelly and peanut butter to the coffee too. :)

  28. Stephanie Larison says

    I love coffee at any time, doesn’t matter about the weather! I love it with cream and sugar.

  29. Amanda Rauch says

    I really liked blended coffees the most in summer. I like them super cold with something like caramel or chocolate drizzled over the whip cream. So yummy and delicious and beautiful :)

  30. Carol says

    I still like it hot & black in the morning, but later in the day, iced or frozen is the only way to go

  31. Kristy says

    I like my coffee very hot on a hot day to wake me up and get me going! If it makes me sweat when I’m drinking it then it’s doing its job! I also enjoy iced coffees later in the day to cool me off from a hard long day or just to pick me up and keep me going!

  32. Lynne says

    Crazy as it sounds, I want hot coffee…..even in the summer. With whole milk and a wee bit of sugar, please. : )

  33. Gail Williams says

    When it is hot outside, the air conditioner is on…so I drink my coffee with cream hot in the morning and iced in the afternoon. I also add a caramel flavored liquid stevia and it makes a yummy diabetic drink.

  34. Carolsue says

    I like Iced Chai Tea Latte — both when it’s hot out and when it’s not! I pretty much dink iced coffee all year around.

  35. Shawndra Befort says

    I typically just enjoy an iced or frozen blended coffee drink when it’s hot. I never even thought about a frozen treat like that.

  36. Samantha Daleo says

    I usually still have one cup hot/warm in the morning but if I want more later, I like to ice it when its hot.

  37. Rachel Wesley says

    I have been enjoying Dunkin Donuts iced coffee happy hour this summer with caramel iced coffee with milk (99 cents from 3-6!)

  38. Rachel Wesley says

    I am following on pinterest… I guess my username is rlwesley, but I am pretty sure I usually log on with my email. But usually I just stay logged on. Haha. You have so many cute boards!

  39. Amy Honious says

    hot or cold outside, i usually only drink my coffee hot. i have never had iced coffee but have had coffee icecream (and loved it). thanks for such a nice and tasty giveaway!

  40. Martha says

    I love hot coffee with French vanilla creamer in the mornings and iced coffee on hot afternoons with the same vanilla creamer.

  41. Stephanie Easterling says

    I have to have my cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Your popsicles sound so great. I drink ice coffee in the summer and it is very hot here in SC already.

  42. nicole w says

    I usually drink hot coffee, but if it’s afternoon and super hot outside, I’ll drink an iced coffee!

  43. Holly S. says

    I get a big, plastic cup, brew 4 shots of espresso, add in sugar-free Vanilla creamer, top with milk, then scoop in the ice! Yum!

  44. amanda says

    Iced coffee is a favorite when it is hot out! I usually make my own because its more delicious than the bottled kind. :)

  45. meghan says

    I love hot coffee with lots of milk – even when it is hot outside :) I just have to stay cool in the air conditioning while drinking it!


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