In Defense of Snapchat

In defense of Snapchat: Why I allow my teen to use the controversial app

I’ve written about the Snapchat app before. I’ve told you about why you should monitor Snapchat and other apps, and I’ve written about how it could be a dangerous app for kids. In this time of new technology, technology that we didn’t have as kids, it’s important to be flexible. I have no previous experience…

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The Social Life of the App-Addicted Teen

Social Life of an App-addicted Teen

Have you noticed the abundance of Smartphones and tablets in our society? You are not alone. People have been noticing that our technology, which is supposed to bring the world together, might actually be dividing us. Instead of face-to-face interaction, everyone is busy texting or using an app on their phone. Adults are not the only age…

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The First Five Apps To Install on Your New Smartphone

The first five apps to install on your new smartphone

This post is sponsored by Life 360. The apps in this list were chosen by me, and all are downloaded onto my personal phone (that means I use them myself!). Did you or your teen just get a smartphone? Congratulations! Your life will never be the same. As someone who has had a smartphone for…

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Pantech Vybe and Printable Tween Cell Phone Contract

Printable Tween Cell Phone Contract

This post is sponsored by Pantech. As always, all opinions and ideas are my own!  Michael received his first cell phone when he was 10 years old. It wasn’t a necessity, like it is for most kids that age. He wasn’t walking home or staying by himself at home after school. He wanted one more…

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Do you see these icons on your child’s phone?

Dangerous Apps For Teens

    Thanks to Kirk Yuhnke in Denver for sharing my story and graphic about dangerous apps for kids. You can find my list of dangerous apps for tweens and teens right here.  Looking for more posts about teens and social media?   Kirk’s story is here in case you missed it:  WhatsApp and other mobile messaging…

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How to prevent apps from being deleted or downloaded on an iPhone

How to prevent apps from being deleted or downloaded onto an iPhone or iPad

As parents, we try to protect our kids. With the technology out right now, it’s not an easy job. It seems that all the kids have smartphones and iPads. When kids have access to things like the internet, parents should never be far away. We have to teach them to use technology safely just as…

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Check Your Child’s Facebook Account {A Parenting How-To}

How to check your child's Facebook account

Does your child have a Facebook account? Though online monitoring might be tough for some parents, it’s important to know how to check your child’s social media accounts for danger.  This could be tough if you, as a parent, don’t use the social media site or are unfamiliar with some of the elements of the…

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List of Dangerous Apps for Tweens and Teens

Dangerous Apps For Teens

  Welcome to Tween/Teen Tuesday at My Crazy Good Life! Today we’re checking phones. iPads. Tablets. Whatever your child is using to access the internet and play games is what you’ll be using. I’ll tell you a little about some apps that might require a second look, and I’m asking you to share any apps…

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Facebook Privacy Settings For Teens

Facebook Privacy Settings For Teens & Quick Reference Chart For Privacy Settings

Welcome to Tween/Teen Tuesday at My Crazy Good Life! Today I’m explaining what the new facebook changes mean for your teen. I’ll also help you find the settings to keep your teen safe online and explain why I’m not a fan of the new facebook privacy settings for teens. ———————– Facebook dislike image courtesy WikiMedia…

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Putting Online Safety in Kids’ Hands With #MissingKids releases back to school content for tweens about cyberbullying

Welcome to Tween/Teen Tuesday at My Crazy Good Life! On what is most likely your tween’s last day of summer break, I want to bring your attention to something important. Today we’re talking about a new video game and videos that were recently released on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s website,….

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When Your Tweens Travel Alone

When your tweens travel alone

Welcome to Tween/Teen Tuesday at! I’m doing my best to remind you to laugh a little when it comes to raising those not-so-little and not-so-big kids of yours. Today we’re chatting about the big day when your tweens travel alone – maybe on a school trip or a summer vacation to Grandma’s house! ____________________________________________________…

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How Much Monitoring Is Too Much For Your Tweens And Social Media?

How much monitoring is too much for your tweens and social media?

Welcome to Tween and Teen Tuesdays at! Today we’re talking about tweens and social media. _____________________________________________ Instagram. Facebook. Even Twitter. Tweens and teens are all over these social media sites right now. But do you know there are other sites and apps they might use that you don’t know about? Voxer? Snapchat? Anything with…

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Fun Facebook Memes… Or Are They? {Tween/Teen Tuesday}

The hidden dangers of Facebook Memes

Welcome to Tween and Teen Tuesdays at! I hope you’ll come share your posts about your not-so-little-but-not-so-big kids with me. Michael has a new favorite past time. He sends me things. More than “things,” he sends me these – (I think they’re called memes – rhymes with themes – but Karen calls them “Creative…

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