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Ready to start the 21 Day Fix? I have a list of 21 Day Fix Amazon shopping links that can be to your door in 2-days flat thanks to Amazon Prime.

The 21 Day Fix is a macro-based diet that can help you tighten up your nutrition as well as focus on controlling your portions. The Fix is also called the Ultimate Portion Fix as well as Portion Fix, and was created by Beachbody.

21 day fix containers, crock pot, instant pot, hydroflask, resistance bands, blender, dumbbell

Why do I need special products for 21 Day Fix?

You don’t need any special products for the 21 Day Fix. But stocking your home and kitchen with the right products will almost guarantee your success on the Fix. Prepping meals, packing healthy snacks, getting up a little early to workout–all of these things add another brick onto your wall of success. Add in a few helpful tools like printables and tips and tricks articles, and you’re well on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Get your shopping fingers ready, because here is the list of 21 Day Fix Amazon products that you can order to help you with the 21 Day Fix.

If you have all of the workout and meal planning info and just need a set of 21 Day Fix containers, you can grab those right here.

spead of the available printables in this purchase

21 Day Fix Meal Prep and Kitchen Tools

  • Water: I’m going to start out with WATER. It’s seriously the best thing you could be doing for yourself right now. Your body won’t lose the extra weight without enough water. I love ice cold water, so I tend to gravitate towards water bottles that will keep my water cold. There are so many options these days. One of the originals is the Hydro Flask. You can also choose from the popular Stanley 40 oz tumbler, or the more affordable Simple Modern tumbler.
  • Instant Pot: My Instant Pot is a meal planning game changer! I prep hard boiled eggs, sweet potato, chicken, and more in such a short time now.
  • Slow Cooker: This Crock Pot is the one I use and love. It’s easy to use, and big enough for our family of four!
  • Spiralizer: A Spiralizer is a great way to get all of your green containers in! I LOVE my spiralizer and we use it weekly! This is the one I have, and it works great and has three blades.
  • Meal Prep Containers: There is no way I could survive the 21 Day Fix without these Meal Prep Containers! I prep all of my meals on the weekend and use these to eat throughout the day.
  • Blender: We make a LOT of smoothies, protein shakes, and (to balance it all out) milkshakes in our house! A few years ago we decided to invest in a Vitamix and we are so glad we did. If a Vitamix isn’t in your budget, I have heard wonderful things about Ninjas!
  • Colored Ziplock Bags: These Colored ziplock bags are a total splurge! It’s an easy way for me to stay focused on eating all of my containers and not grabbing junk. It’s also a great way to claim your snacks so nobody else grabs them. They’re cheaper at Target, but Amazon has them for sale too.
meal prep containers, instant pot, slow cooker, water bottle, blender, spiralizer

At Home Workout Equipment

I love the 21 Day Fix workouts! You do have to have some in home workout equipment though. Here’s what I’ve found I use the most with the 21 Day Fix workout videos:

  • Yoga Mat: Not necessarily just for yoga! Having a yoga mat like this one is great for home workouts, especially if you have tile floors.
  • Dumbbells: I’m partial to the metal dumbbells and not the neoprene covered ones.
  • Resistance Bands: Choose whether you want ones with handles or plain rubber ones, but this is one thing to NOT skimp on! If you’ve ever had one of these break while you’re using it, you’ll know exactly why I warn about this.

All of these Beachbody Amazon Prime items can be used for other Beachbody programs or really any other at home workout program. 

yoga mat, resistance bands, dumbbell

21 Day Fix Amazon Grocery List

Several of these items are Kirkland (Costco) brand or can be purchased at Costco, but you can get them on with NO Costco membership! I love Amazon’s Prime Pantry because as you add items, the price goes down. They also have specials running all the time, and coupons! Here are the items I get from the Pantry:

21 day fix color coded containers.

Need some more help? I’ve got recipes, recipe roundups, free printables, and tips to help keep you on the right track for your 21 Day Fix!

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