SEO tutorials for bloggers

SEO for Bloggers: 10 Tutorials from Beginner to Expert

SEO for bloggers is a little different than SEO for brands or businesses–rather than optimizing a website, we usually optimize our individual blog posts. I’ve been researching SEO for bloggers for a while now and wanted to share some of my favorite posts that I’ve come across. Before we begin, you’ll want to install a SEO Plugin like WordPress SEO by Yoast. The Yoast plugin is easily the most popular SEO plugin on WordPress. For a quick overview and tutorial…

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How to set up a MailChimp Autoresponder (and why you'd want to)

How to set up your free MailChimp Autoresponder

When setting up your blog’s email subscription service, it can be helpful to give away a “freebie” as an incentive for signing up. One efficient way to do this is by setting up an autoresponder that will send the subscriber an email with a link to your free content as soon as they subscribe to your email newsletter. MailChimp offers this autoresponder service for free, but it’s not super easy to find if you don’t know where to look. Here’s a quick tutorial…

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How to edit a MailChimp campaign

How to: Edit a MailChimp Campaign

After setting up blogger’s RSS to email campaigns for them, the most common question I’m asked is, “how do I make changes to my newsletter?” To edit a MailChimp Campaign (RSS to email newsletter) login and: 1. On the left sidebar, click Campaign 2. All the way on the right side of the campaign you’d like to edit is a drop down arrrow. Choose it and click Pause. 3. Click the section of the campaign you’d like to edit – for…

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DIY Outdoor Curtains for less than $300!

DIY Outdoor Curtains: A Tutorial

We recently made outdoor curtains for our back patio, and they have made such a difference in the amount of heat that comes into our west-facing home. Closing these right before the sun begins to set can keep our home cool and allow us to be out on the patio during that time (without roasting!). These DIY outdoor curtains were easier than I had thought, and I wanted to share with you how we did it!   Supply List: Garden…

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How to embed a video into a blog post

Your smile for the day (and how to embed a video in a blog post)

Have you ever seen those hilarious YouTube videos, like this one, and wanted to share it with everyone you know? I love this video–they’re adorable! In order to share this video with you, I have embedded it into this post. That means that instead of giving you a link to it, I’ve made it so you can view it right from my blog, and the views count towards the total YouTube views on their page! Here’s how you embed a…

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Add a subscribe button for MailChimp to your sidebar

How To Add A Subscribe Button For MailChimp To Your Sidebar

The subscribe button on the sidebar of my blog right now was created by my blog designer. I’m giving you directions to create a signup form through MailChimp, so it won’t look exactly like the one in my sidebar now. It’ll look like this:  Once you set up your MailChimp RSS to email campaign so your readers will get your blog updates in their inboxes, you’ll need to give your readers a place to sign up! Adding a personalized subscribe…

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30 Reasons To Take A Screenshot

30 Reasons To Take A Screenshot With Your Phone

How To Take A Screenshot With Your iPhone Push the round home button on the front of your phone and the power on/off button (on the top right side of your phone) quickly at the same time. How To Take A Screenshot With An Android Phone I don’t know :) But here’s a link to someone who does! 30 Reasons To Take A Screenshot With Your Phone 1. Avoid going back and forth between multiple recipes – screenshot and swipe!…

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IFTTT for bloggers, moms, and sports enthusiasts

Why Everyone Should Know About IFTTT (If This, Then That)

I found a service that you need. Yes, you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a mom, a kid, a blogger, a sports enthusiast, all of the above or none of the above. There is some way that IFTTT can help you. IFTTT stands for “If This, Then That” and is pronounced like “gift” but without the g. It automates just about any online task you can think of. The IFTTT website (and app) has thousands of recipes you can use with…

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What is a blog reader?

What Is A Blog Reader? A List Of Readers For Bloggers

Follow my blog with Bloglovin What the heck is a blog reader, and why should I use one? To understand readers, you should know what an RSS feed is. You have probably seen them around, as their logo is everywhere: RSS = Rich Site Summary or Real Simple Syndication. An RSS “feed” is a way for you to subscribe to an internet site. News, blogs, audio and video sites use RSS feeds to alert readers (or listeners) that there is…

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Make Pinnable Images With PicMonkey

How To Make Pinnable Images With PicMonkey

Looking for more blogging tips? Everything But the Posts, my new book, shares tips, advice, and templates for setting up a blog, connecting with your community, and monetizing. It’s available in paperback, on Kindle, Nook, and iBooks. _____________   PicMonkey is pretty amazing – it’s a {free} photo editing website that I use in conjunction with Photoshop Elements. Sometimes it’s just quicker and easier to head to for resizing, watermarking, and adding quick text than it is to open Photoshop. Let’s begin! How To…

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Three Ways To Grow Your Blog

You have a blog and love it, but want… more. More comments. More interaction. More review and giveaway opportunities. Gotcha. Three Ways To Grow Your Blog 1. Be social: Make sure you are part of social media networks such as facebook, twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. Use these networks to not only share your posts, but to also share posts from other bloggers. Make sure to mention/tag them when you share! When sharing, instead of just adding a link within a status…

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How To Comment On A Blog Post: National Delurking Day

Hi there!   I didn’t mean to scare you, but I know there are a lot of you that come visit Our Crazy Boys and keep quiet about it. That’s ok. I used to silently read blogs, too. But today is National Blog Delurking Day! That means… you should say hi.   Don’t know how? I’ll help. How To Comment On A Blog Post 1. Find a blog post to comment on and look for the link to comment. It’ll…

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Blog conference sponsorship

Securing A Blog Conference Sponsorship In 3 Easy Steps {Plus A Blog Conference Sponsorship Template}

  If you’re heading to Blissdom or any other conference this year, you might be thinking about securing a sponsor to help with conference costs such as your ticket, travel, or hotel. It never hurts to reach out to brands that you know to ask if they are interested in sponsoring you, but your request will be better received if you can explain to these businesses what a blog conference sponsorship entails. I’m happy to share the blog conference sponsorship…

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SEO For Bloggers: Get A Green Light In The SEO by Yoast Plugin

Looking for more blogging tips? Everything But the Posts, my new book, shares tips, advice, and templates for setting up a blog, connecting with your community, and monetizing. It’s available in paperback, on Kindle, Nook, and iBooks. _____________ SEO. No, not “see-o.” It stands for Search Engine Optimization, or “how to make it easier for Google to find your stuff.” This tutorial is called SEO for Bloggers because I’m not going to give you an entire SEO class right now – I’m going to tell…

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HTML Simplified: 4 HTML Tips For The Savvy Blogger

Looking for more blogging tips? Everything But the Posts, my new book, shares tips, advice, and templates for setting up a blog, connecting with your community, and monetizing. It’s available in paperback, on Kindle, Nook, and iBooks.  ________ I’m super excited to introduce to you a dear friend of mine, Nicole (she’s an amazing blog/web designer).  I talked her into giving you a few of her best HTML tips because it’s one area that I wish I knew more about. Go ahead and bookmark this…

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Make Instagram Photos With PicMonkey {A Tutorial}

There are so many awesome Instagram-related products out there right now, and I want them all. Jewelry with wearagrams, phone cases with casetagram, and a few great My Life products over at Paper Coterie, for starters (I’m getting ready to order this My Life memory box, actually!). Don’t have Instagram? That’s ok, I’m going to tell you how to make Instagram Photos with PicMonkey. There are three problems with making Instagram products on your computer. Problem 1. Instagram is for your…

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