You Can’t Delete the Apple Watch Icon–But You Can Hide It.

How to get rid of the Apple Watch app that comes with the new iOS 8.2 update

So, the new iOS 8.2 update comes with a… gift, of sorts. An icon for the Apple Watch that can’t be deleted. And though Apple isn’t reporting exactly how big the app is, I’ve heard reports that those with 8GB and 16GB devices aren’t happy at all. Since you can’t technically delete the Apple Watch icon, I’ll…

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{Have Courage and Be Kind} Free Cinderella Wallpaper for Your Smartphone

Free Cinderella wallpaper downloads for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones

I had such a great time at the Cinderella movie screening last night! The movie was amazing, and the graphics (pumpkins and lizards and glass slippers!) blew me away. It was a bit heartbreaking, the perfect amount of funny, and overall a wonderful movie. The theme of the movie that comes up over and over…

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Apple iOS 8 Features In Terms That Make Sense #iOS8

Apple's iOS 8 Features (in terms that make sense to non-developers)

iOS8 is set to be released September 17, 2014. Visit this post for #iOS8 tips and tricks!   Apple’s iPhone Operating System iOS7 was a big update. Even so, there were pretty large improvements to be made. I watched the live stream Worldwide Developers Conference this morning and sifted through the jargon to bring you what you want to know about the…

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