Easy 21 Day Meal Plan C with Grocery List


If you don’t enjoy meal prepping multiple recipes, you may love this Easy 21 Day Meal Plan. An “easy” meal plan is helpful for many people, including those who are:

  • picky eaters (because it’s easy to swap foods for ones you like!)
  • don’t have a lot of time to prep recipes (simply batch prep your meats/veggies/grains instead of recipes)
  • new to the Fix and need to learn containers/food list/portions
  • needing a “back to basics” round to familiarize themselves with the containers and program materials





Are you someone who struggles creating a 21 Day Meal Plan? If you’re looking for portion control, this meal plan will help you manage your healthy eating plan and fix your portions. This meal plan is for those in calorie bracket/calorie level 1,800-2,099 and contains a meal plan for weight loss, shopping list for all 21 days, and directions for using. 
reasons why an easy meal plan might be for you

Meal Plan and Grocery List

What you’ll get: 

  • A PDF file with four tabs: Instructions, Grocery List, 21 Day Meal Plan, and Food List. 
  • Access to an online editable spreadsheet so the meal plan becomes more interactive.
  • Full meal plan, including snacks
  • Complete grocery list for three weeks

This meal plan does not contain recipes–it uses basic foods like chicken breast, sweet potato, greek yogurt, and hard boiled eggs. You can very easily swap out foods in the plan for foods that you like or have on hand. If you’re not into meal prepping recipes, this is the plan for you. 

*Full 21 Day Fix program materials are not included in these plans, nor are exercise programs


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