Nobody warned me. Thoughts from the mom of older kids.

Nobody Warned Me (Thoughts from a mom of older kids)

When the boys were younger, I volunteered in their classroom. I made dinner and gave them baths and did everything else a “normal” mom would do, dreaming of the days that they would be self-sufficient. I longed for the day they wouldn’t cry at the drop of a hat. The day when they would stop asking for help every time they had to tie their shoes (perfectly, with three knots and symmetrical bunny ears). I even looked forward to the day I…

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Big Hero 6 Printable Science Experiments

Big Hero 6 Printable Science Experiments

The Big Hero 6 team is super smart, so you have to be super smart to hang with them! Download and print out these fun science experiments today! Big Hero 6 Printable Science Experiments  Here’s a preview of what’s in the downloadable kit: Click here to see my other posts about Big Hero 6! 

Printable craft supply list

Stock Up With This Kid’s Craft Supply List

Having a crafty kid means always having fun supplies on hand to keep them entertained. This isn’t as easy as it might sound if you’re not a crafter yourself (that was my situation!). Jack is the craftiest kid I know, and I learned pretty quick the secret to keeping him entertained was to have lots of craft project ideas and supplies on hand at all times. I thought this craft supply list would be helpful to those of you with…

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Road Trip Activities to keep your little ones busy!

Road Trip Activities for Kids

Summer is all about spending time with your family, and what’s a better way to get closer than being cooped up in a car for hours on end? Although going on a road trip can be a great way to get some quality family time, it can also get a little boring after the first few miles. The kids start to get bored and we all know how much trouble bored kids can get into. You can keep this from…

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How To Make Duct Tape Party Invitations

How To Make Duct Tape Birthday Party Invitations

For more craft tutorials, recipes and tips & tricks, subscribe to my newsletter! We’re having a duct tape birthday party! There aren’t too many ideas out there yet, so we have been busy creating our own. Here is a quick tutorial for how to make duct tape birthday party invitations that your friends can play with! 1. You’ll need a mini roll of duct tape. We used Duck Brand Ducklings Mini Roll: 2. The Ducklings Mini Rolls are 3/4 of an…

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I'm Sick Of Being The Good Parent

I’m Sick Of Being The Good Parent

Welcome to Tween/Teen Tuesday at My Crazy Good Life! Today we’re talking about being the good parent. You know, the one who doesn’t want to be their kid’s best friend. _______________________________________________ I held out on Michael playing Rated M video games for as long as I could. It got to the point that all of his friends were playing them and we had two choices: 1. Allow him to play Rated M games only at friend’s houses, which would cause…

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Raising Tweens In A Modern Family Society

Raising Tweens In A Modern Family Society

Welcome to Tween/Teen Tuesday at My Crazy Good Life! Today we’re changing things up a bit with a serious topic–raising tweens in a Modern Family society. Yes, I’m talking about the t.v. show… kinda. I know we may not all be on the same page with this topic, and that’s ok. I look forward to hearing your opinions! ________________________________________ In our house, we don’t teach our tweens tolerance or acceptance. Actually, we don’t really “teach” them anything. We live our…

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CocoonKids: Safe Internet Browsing For Your Tweens!

Michael has a smartphone and to be honest, I’m not too thrilled with it. It makes me nervous that he has access to the entire internet and I don’t have much control over what he does. Safe internet browsing for kids isn’t the easiest thing to come by and the programs I have looked into thus far are all pretty restrictive and generic. I want one program for both kids – I want Michael to browse the internet and for…

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The hidden dangers of Facebook Memes

Fun Facebook Memes… Or Are They? {Tween/Teen Tuesday}

Welcome to Tween and Teen Tuesdays at! I hope you’ll come share your posts about your not-so-little-but-not-so-big kids with me. Michael has a new favorite past time. He sends me things. More than “things,” he sends me these – (I think they’re called memes – rhymes with themes – but Karen calls them “Creative Engagement Graphics,” and that makes me giggle). Some are cute: Some are… silly: Some make your heart melt: and some make you roll your eyes…

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Concerts With Tweens. Not What You’d Think.

This summer, I have had the opportunity to take both of my boys to concerts – separately, because Michael wouldn’t be dragged into Demi Lovato and I wouldn’t let Jack anywhere near Pitbull. My observation? Concerts with tweens are tricky – Concerts attended as an adult are completely different than concerts attended as the adult. Jack and I saw Demi Lovato and Hot Chelle Rae. Hot Chelle What? I love those boys. We were having a blast and then, the lead singer…

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