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One of the great things about DIY projects is that they help keep your creative juices flowing! It can be difficult though if you are not as craft-capable as you’d like to be, or maybe you just aren’t interested in crafts in general. Crafting in these situations can be dangerous…okay maybe not dangerous but there is a good chance your final product might not be as amazing as you’d like.

One of these hard to nail projects is custom Mickey Ears. When you head into any of the Disney parks you can likely find a Mickey ears hat that will be cute and fun for your trip; the main drawback of buying Mickey ears at the parks is their cost. Instead of forking over a bunch of cash for your Mickey ears you can find tons of great custom Mickey Ears on Etsy.

When shopping for Mickey Ears on Etsy you will notice they have options that will suit all kinds of styles, you can find a pair that shows off your favorite color, and maybe even  your favorite Disney character! There are so many great options on Etsy and most of them are a lot cheaper than buying a standard pair at the Disney parks!
Buying Mickey Ears at the Disney parks can be costly. The online shop Etsy has some AMAZING custom Mickey Ears! Find a pair as unique as you are!

Star Wars Droid Ears | To Never Neverland

Mary Poppins | Once Upon A Stitch 3

Tower of Terror | Ears By Dede

Peter Pan Minnie Ears | Make Me Minnie

Princess Jasmine Ears | Bows by Martha Miami

Queen of Hearts Ears | Krafty Andy

Woody Cowboy Ears | Ears Come True

Winnie The Pooh | Pretty in Wreath

Beauty and The Beast Ears | Sisters Head 2 Toe

Baymax Ears | Mouse Kris Ears

Rey Ears | Timbysia Creations

Princess Anna Ears | Extra Magic Hours

Cruella de Vil Ears | Disney’s Bowtique

Captain Jack Sparrow Ears | Makes You Smile 101

Dopey Ears | Modern Mouse Boutique

Flight to Neverland Ears | Yub Nub

Merida Ears | Seam Come True

Ursula Ears | Nicole Rose Crafts

Ghostly Mouse Ears | Ears 2 You Inc

Dory Ears | MousekaEars Bowtique

Buying Mickey Ears at the Disney parks can be costly. Check out these awesome Mickey Ears on Etsy to find a pair as unique as you are and save some money!



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  1. Margaret E Marr says:

    Hello,I am looking for four sets of mickey ears for mid-October. Can you ddo a set of peacock feathers, FNAF characters, Harley Davidson, and multi-wild animals prints/veteranarian inspired pairs? If so, is there a number to reach you to discuss?

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