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I had such a great time at the Cinderella movie screening last night! The movie was amazing, and the graphics (pumpkins and lizards and glass slippers!) blew me away. It was a bit heartbreaking, the perfect amount of funny, and overall a wonderful movie. The theme of the movie that comes up over and over again is Have Courage and Be Kind. I left the theatre thinking that everyone should have a daily reminder of these two things–they’re so important.

Free Cinderella wallpaper downloads for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones

These free smartphone wallpapers are for you to use–you can choose the modern ombre wallpaper or the traditional Cinderella blue. They should fit all smartphones, but might need to be centered a bit before you “set” them. I hope they remind you to have courage and be kind throughout your day.

Click the phone to download each wallpaper.

Free Cinderella iPhone Wallpaper



Free Cinderella Wallpaper Android

To add these wallpapers to your iPhone:

1. Open the picture on your phone. Tap and hold the image it until “Save Image” pops up. Tap on that.

2. Open your camera roll and tap on the photo you would like to add as your lock screen or home screen wallpaper.

3. On the bottom left corner you’ll see a box with an arrow pointing up–tap that. Now tap “Use as Wallpaper” on the bottom of your screen.

4. Center your image and tap “Set.”

To add these wallpapers to your Android phone, click here.

To add these wallpapers to your Windows phone, click here.

Looking for more Cinderella fun? Desert Chica has recipes, printables, and even easy no-sew costumes!

 Media provided by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Check back Friday March 13 for my parent review of Cinderella! 

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  1. I love those both so much! They’re pretty but what I like best is that those messages are what make people pretty on the inside. Off to download now, and can’t wait to share with my daughter (who will love them once she regains her phone privileges)!

  2. Carrie This Home says:

    Such a cute wallpaper!! I would love to see this movie!

  3. Thank you for the pretty wallpapers! Your instructions also helped me figure out how to add photos to my iPhone!!

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