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Looks a little different, huh?

Not too much, but there are little changes here and there.

Hopefully, changes that make it easier to browse, read, and maybe even subscribe.

It’s all thanks to Sara over at One Starry Night. She’s kind of amazing.


Because she didn’t drop me as a client when I asked her to change something… and then change it back because I didn’t love it. Several times.

She told me that lists are her friend, and that I should make them for her. So I did.

It’s obvious that she knows how much my blog means to me, and she understands that I want everything to be perfect.

And all of this? All of these wonderful things?

She did all of my blog changes for a very reasonable price.

I can’t even describe how excited I am for these little changes, and I hope you like them as well.

It’s all about my readers, you know :)

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  1. I like it. I have been wanting to make some small blog changes… maybe I will check out your designer.

    1. Love her!! She was so easy to work with :)

  2. Trevor Spedding says:

    Looks good !.

  3. Christina says:

    Cool! It’s SUPER busy on the right side…but I’ll focus on what I really come here for – your writing!

  4. Good for you Becca! :)

  5. Allison@Slice of Heaven says:

    Looks awesome!!!!!

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