Why Writers Are Fat

I’ve learned a thing or two about writing a book in the past year.

Mainly? I’ve learned that it’s easy for authors to get fat while writing their book.

I’ve heard several times that unless you sacrifice everything else to do what you love, you’re not passionate.

I’ve heard that writers choose to write instead of showering, eating, or sleeping. And if you don’t choose writing over these things, you must not be serious about it.

I don’t agree with that.

I do think, however, that it’s easy to make excuses.

I thought it would be fun to look over some of the many excuses I’ve made over the last year while writing my book.

Why writers are fat. I'm sharing some of my best reasons on the blog today.

I just finished my first chapter! Let’s celebrate with margaritas!


I have 2 hours free today. I can spend it at the gym or spend it writing my book.


Who has time to make a salad? I’ll just eat this bag of M&Ms at my desk.


I’m so tired. I need a Coke.

Ack! I haven’t eaten all day! I can’t wait to make dinner–I’ll just eat this bag of chips.


I just finished my final draft! Let’s celebrate sending my book off to my editor!


I just received my manuscript from my editor and it’s due back to her tomorrow! Chocolate helps me cope with that.


So. Tired. I need another Coke.


My book is being published next month! Let’s go out for pizza!


My book was just published! Let’s celebrate with Happy Hour!


I want to hear your excuses! What are some of the best excuses you made while writing your book?


  1. says

    This definitely made me laugh. I’m not writing a book, but I am starting a business as a freelance writer, and in order to treat it like a business, I’m working A LOT! I’m constantly putting off other things that need to be done in order to write more and market my business.

    • Becca says

      I’m glad, Diana! Isn’t it funny how we always find a way to NOT do what we know we should? It’s just a downfall of the job… but it might be the only downfall ;)

  2. says

    Having over a decade of rough drafts for various children’s books in my safe (just in case the house catches fire…or someone breaks in and goes through my regular files and wants to steal my idea…hardy-hardy-har-har) I have run out of excuses. Just starting teaching. Switching grades, schools, countries, and states repeatedly means I just started teaching throughout my career…meaning more work! Travel, moving, being pregnant, having child #1, being pregnant, having child #2, now even staying home with 2 young children, blogging, and selling Jamberry along with daily tasks and schedules seems to stop me and I know none of them are a valid excuse! ACK! (At least I wrote a chapter for you…hahaha!)

  3. says

    “I have to stay up late editing these photos. I’ll just drink a Coke and binge on junk food. Yeah, that’ll keep me up.” -Kristi Bonney, photographer and junk food eater

  4. says

    I just started my blog but I also work full time, so I’ve definitely been guilty of rushing through story time with my one year-old once it twice because I’m excited to blog about a new idea… And my husband made up a song about me called “Gotta Blog!” because of the extra time I’ve been spending on it these past few months!

    No book yet, but your writing and tutorials have been an inspiration to me! Thanks!

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