Why I Buy Crap When I Leave Town

I have been out of town three times in the last seven months, if you count next weekend for Blissdom.

When I was preparing for BlogHer last August, I bought plenty of fruit and vegetables before I left.

I washed them all and sliced them. I stored them in nice ziplock containers in the fridge. I made a meal plan and bought all of the ingredients that Steve would need to make meals for him and the boys.

I packed the boy’s lunches for the days they would go to school. They were in paper bags and labeled by child and day. All Steve had to do was make a sandwich for them.

When I got home, the paper bags were gone. The kids had brought lunch to school and didn’t starve!

But the dinner plans? They didn’t exactly follow through on those.

The fruit and veggies remained in the fridge, except the few that Jack helped himself to. The ingredients for the meals? Still there.

Except for the meat.

“Hey guys… what did you eat for dinners?”

Michael: Steak. Oh, and sausage.

Me: What else?

Jack: That’s it! It was good.

So, they ate out.

And they ate meat.

But not the chicken I left.

But at least they ate.

Last November, I was in Los Angeles for a few days and made meals ahead of time. And I had some fruit and veggies in the fridge, but only for snacking, not as part of meals.

I bet you can guess what happened.

The boys definitely don’t starve when I go out of town, but they don’t eat what I would serve, which is the fun part of Mom leaving town, right?

It took me three times, but I think I have it right this time.

I went to the grocery store today and was embarrassed by what was in my cart – seriously.

It’s everything I have been trying to cut out for the last three years.

Cereal. I bought them Cinnamon Life and they were delighted.

Mini candy bars.


Boxed mac and cheese. I just shuddered when I typed that.

When I got home from the grocery store, they were giddy.

Mom is going away and they get to eat fun food for five whole days.

They are counting down the days until I leave…

Good thing we have a friend who works with FritoLay and Red Bull to keep the kids supplied in times like these.


  1. Sharon {Grumpy, Sleepy, and Bashful} says

    Oh my gosh, yes! My husband (seriously) eats peanut butter and jelly, Sunchips, and milk when I’m gone. Not a veggie or fresh cut piece of fruit in sight. Your boys (all three!) will be happy, and fed, even if not … well.

    You’re going to be having fun, so I guess they deserve a little, too. I remember when I was little and my dad would be out of town, my mom would serve us waffles with ice cream for dinner. Looking back on that now, I can’t believe she did that (she made her own yogurt and grew her own alfalfa). But, it’s a cherished memory, for sure. And, it took a little of the sting of dad being away. :)

    Bottoms up, boys!

  2. says

    That sounds so familiar, Becca! I did the same thing when I loaded the cart last week in preparation for my trip to AZ. The kids are going to have a blast eating crap while I’m in AZ drinking margaritas with a really sweet friend. ;)

    Love that pic of the boys. Too cute!

  3. grandma dawn says

    Ha! I’m glad you finally figured it out. ;) And it’s a good thing you aren’t gone too often or for too long. <3

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