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We could tell stories for days.

Michael doesn’t love sports.

Michael has tried t-ball, baseball, football, soccer, rock climbing, swimming, and now wrestling.

He loves it at first, then he likes it, and then he doesn’t care for it.

I guess it’s good that we are having him try a bunch of sports, but I often wonder if it’s worth the headache – for me.

I’d say that it’s all about the coaches, but we have had some pretty great ones.

I’d say he’s lazy, but… he’s not.

Why does it matter?

There are kids who love sports and kids who don’t. I was definitely in the don’t category.

And I turned out ok. Right?

Tween Sports

We explained to Michael that we want a well-rounded kid. He has to play a sport. Be in a club. Eat foods he doesn’t love.

We think it’s important that he try different things and not sit in front of the tv all day.

So, please share.

What ages were your kids when they started playing sports?

Do they love them or not? What do they play?

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  1. Kellyn says

    I could go on and on with this :)

    We encourage our kids to try different sports, Boo has done dance, soccer, basketball, bowling and softball. Two have stuck (softball and basketball). While we want them to try sports, we won’t force them to play once they have done at least one season. As hard as it would have been, if she hadn’t liked softball we wouldn’t have signed up for a second season. But she loves it, plays with such passion…I love seeing her play it. With basketball she likes it enough, loves playing with friends and loves the competition but it isn’t her “sport”. She doesn’t want to do the extra clinics, is happy on the lowest level team.

    Now if she had tried all these sports and hated them, we would have found a different activity for her. (She tried Girl Scouts and she didn’t like how unmotivated the other girls were). My teen is in the Conservation Club, which is perfect for him because he is a major outdoor kid. They meet a couple times a week after school and some weekends. He is a part of something and that works for us as his activity instead of sports.

    With Boo, I really am a firm believer that they need an art type class whether it is Choir, Art or something. Budget wise band isn’t an option, but once she gets to the middle school she will have an art or music class at all times. Arts are just as important to me as sports.

  2. Aaron Brinker says


    We are just getting to the age where Xan is “thinking” about playing soccer, baseball or football (he just turned 4 after all). He talks about it some and already acts like he should be playing for the pros. I know that school is not far off so I am sure that sports are not far behind for us.

    Aaron Brinker aka DadBlunders

  3. Gramma Teetsie Thompson says

    Michael will find his niche. (Is that really a word?). He has experiences most kids only dream about. And he really does seem to like the “Wrestling” thing. And you can’t say he doesn’t “try”. He may get this from his Mothers’ side. You know, the one who hated gym, hated any form of exercise? But decided she wanted to go into the AF at 17. She did fine. Got through it, now has two tweens that are trying to find their “niche” (again that word) Maybe he would like snow skiing.

  4. jen says

    Like Gramma Teetsie says, he will find his niche. As long as he is active which you all are – hiking, swimming, playing outside, etc., you should not worry about him become sedentary. My tween plays football, basketball. My 10 year old plays soccer. My youngest plays soccer, basketball and expressed interest in football (help my heart!). The only one that has committed to a sport is my 10 year old daughter – she loves the game, loves her team. I hope she continues to play…she’s fun to watch!

  5. says

    First, I love that you are raising a well-rounded child. I feel like that phrase has died out a bit, and it really is so hugely important. We did the same odyssey of try a sport, eh, not her thing, move on, try another. I was surprised that she ended up coming back to tennis, one she had rejected a few years before, so perhaps don’t sound the official death knell on any sport. My daughter is big into dance, and does in class 4 hrs/week. Some say that’s not a sport, but if she’s active and using her body, I’m good.

  6. Mich says

    I agree, well rounded is best. And learning to try new things, especially ones out of your comfort zone can be rewarding and valuable.

  7. Cameron says

    I started at age 7 and was given a choice. I ended up picking five and sticking with them all. Baseball, Track, Soccer, Ballet, and Tennis. I also had to pick two instruments to learn. I picked Piano and vocals. I found for myself it built character and gave me something to be proud of! I’m proud of my fast running, quick reflexes, ability to do the splits (as a boy!!), piano sight reading, ability to sing High C and Bass F at any given time, and my strong backhand!! :D

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