Take A Peek Into My Life With Friday Favorites!

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Friday Favorites

My favorite Instagram picture of the week is this one:

Friday Favorites

Jack pulled out his ShrinkyDinks and traced my favorite picture of him and his brother. It has made me smile every time I’ve looked at it.

My favorite book? This one that my friend Shannan contributed to! The HerStories Project features stories from over 50 women writers including Jill Smokler from Scary Mommy.

The HerStories Project

The book makes me thankful for all of the friendships I have–online and offline, old and new. Every one of them is special in its own way.

My favorite song is this one by American Authors. My new iPhone wallpaper makes me smile. You can download yours here.

iPhone Wallpaper

My favorite TV show is Sons of Anarchy. Steve and I are binge watching it on Amazon Prime right now (well, as much as we can with kids in the house).


We were huge fans of Breaking Bad and while I don’t think we’ll see writing like that for a long time, this show is a pretty darn good replacement for Walter and Jesse. I never thought I’d be hooked on a show about a motorcycle club, but seriously–add this to your must see list.

My favorite tool right now? Canva. As much as I LOVE PicMonkey, it’s not free like Canva is. Canva has some great templates to use, fun fonts, and really awesome graphics. You can even purchase stock images for $1 right within the site. Go try it out!

I have some fun news for you, too! I was featured in the local paper, the Arizona Daily Star. The article was about local bloggers and highlighted why we started and what we love about the business.

AZ Daily Star Bloggers

Jack’s favorite toy right now is this kendama he received for Christmas. I love that it doesn’t require batteries and he loves the challenge of the toy. It’s sturdy and easy to learn, and it’s a fun family toy to play with!


I’m giving away four kendama toys from Yomega. To enter, leave me a comment and tell me what one of your favorite things is right now! I’ll close the giveaway and choose a winner on 1/31 at midnight.

Good luck!


  1. Vikki Turner says

    My favorite thinsg right now are the new gray ballet flats I just bought, and the almond brittle my sister brought me when she came to visit!

  2. says

    I love your favorites posts – they always make me smile and give me good info. Signing up for Canva now! Thanks so much for the shout out and mention of the HerStories Project book. Much appreciated! Please know that I’m really grateful for your friendship!

  3. Kelly Pinkerton says

    My favorite thing right now is my new jawbone wristband. I love the motivation it gives to meet my goals.

  4. Tammi says

    I’m currently struggling with life and career balance and really want a change. I have found several blogs that offer personal stories and lots of help, including yours and I plan to keep coming back here for inspiration. Thanks….my favorite thing is kind of weird but I have this pair of fashion boots that I love to wear because they make me feel like I can conquer the world!

  5. Dave Payne says

    My favorite thing right now is Advil Cold and Sinus, yes. this cold is nasty and I would not be surviving without it! :) Otherwise, its probably the swingset I just finished putting together for the kids and it has kept them playful while I have rested w my cold !

  6. Nicole says

    My favorite thing right now is my ice scraper. I’m freezing here on the east coast, and the ice scraper allows me to at least be able to leave the house. (Even if it means I have to scrape, scrape, and scrape the ice again from my car.)

  7. says

    I need to check out Canva apparently! My favorite thing right now is Jamberry Nail Wraps. LOL! I know that sounds stupid, but being a person that wasn’t interested in doing my fingernails all that much, I have them done all the time now with less maintenance AND it’s nice to contribute to the family fund through selling them. I’m just sort of excited about the possibilities with that and my blog! Hoping I don’t have to go back to work outside the home any time soon, which will allow me more time with the kids!

  8. rachelcartucci says

    I’ve been into Essie nail polish lately…it’s kind of becoming my thing! THANKS SO MUCH!

  9. Kellyn says

    I need a text when you get to season 5 of SOA…so many words! I am rewatching it right now, almost done and waiting for season 6 to hit netflix/dvd. Impatiently.

  10. Judy says

    My favorite things are the 4 males I have in my home. I love to watch them all hang out and goof off in the backyard. They are my favorite!!

  11. Gina Ferrell says

    My favorite thing right now are my new Red Ryan Sheckler etnies tennis shoes. They are so comfy and perfect for the cold weather.

  12. Kathleen Richardson says

    My favorite thing right now is soft socks. I am obsessed with them when I am hanging out around the house and yoga pants. You really cannot go wrong with soft socks and yoga pants!

  13. Nesca C says

    My favorite thing right now is a fun card game called HearthStone. I love messing around with numbers in my head to try and beat my opponent.

  14. Brittney House says

    I recently discovered Netflix and i’m really like that right now because I love watching movies.

  15. Dominique says

    My favorite thing right now is my Microsoft Surface that my parents got me for Christmas. It’s allowed me to work more online and do more blogging! It’s amazing! Not to mention, there are fun games to play with my toddler, too. lol. Thanks!

  16. Laura Harrison says

    My favorite thing right now is the weather. What? January? Oh yes, I love the winters in Arizona. I lived all my life (pert-near) up in Wyoming. This is my first winter without freezing pipes, temps, & nostrils.

  17. Amelia D. says

    My favorite thing right now is my nice warm slippers because it is very cold in Bismarck ND!

  18. Sylvia says

    My favorite thing right now is my new faux-fur bright pink throw. It’s so pretty and keeps me and baby-to-be warm!

  19. Kirby says

    My immersion blender! Just the sheer bliss of saving an HOUR of kitchen work with such a little thing.

  20. Claire Rheinheimer says

    Well, it may not sound like a lot of fun, but I just started cloth diapering my baby girl a few things ago so my favorite thing is cloth diapers! They’re seriously addictive, the sky’s the limit. Best of all, no more blow outs up her back (which was happening almost every single day!).

  21. Marysa says

    Right now I love my glass Camelbak.. I’m trying to be healthier (drink more water) and work out, so it is just one of those little things that makes it nicer. Oh, and my bright pink sneakers I got for my birthday :)

  22. chera says

    my favorite thing right now is soup! any kind of soup! and my son is a big soup eater with me so it makes dinner and lunches sooo easy!

  23. Teresa Thompson says

    My favorites right now are soft foods. I had a lot of dental work so its the only things I can eat.

  24. MaryAnn says

    My favorite thing right now is my calculator. I am a full time mom back in school majoring in Finance. The calculator is my friend.

  25. Angel Burce says

    My favorite thing right now is my new truffle clarity pouch. Keeps everything organized in my purse.

  26. Amanda says

    As cheesy as an answer as this may be, my favorite thing I couldn’t live without is my children! They drive me nuts but I wouldnt have it any other way :)

  27. Laurie Emerson says

    My favorite thing right now is my mini Keurig. I saved up for it for months and love making hot chocolate in at night before I go to bed.

  28. Jackie G says

    My favorite thing right now is the Pomegranate Bath Salts my oldest son gave me for Christmas.

  29. Connie Tillman says

    My new galaxy tablet — love being able to kick back on the couch and sift through emails.

  30. David says

    My favorite thing right now is a panini maker/grill. We have been making grilled chicken breasts almost every night since I opened it for Christmas.

  31. Dawn S. says

    I am with you on loving Sons of Anarchy! Definitely not my normal genre of show, but my husband and I are hooked!

  32. Dianna Thomas says

    My favorite thing right at the moment is Treehouse Master–I wish I was six or seven so I play with my kids in a treehouse–what a dream,oh well

  33. Dorothy Teel says

    My favorite thing right now, since I retired is my computer and the links it gets me to every day and the fact that my hubby and myself are happy and healthy. I think that this Yomega Kendama sounds like a great relaxation tool and puzzle.

  34. says

    Right now, I’m loving that my teenage son is reading the Divergent series (and that I’m a fast reader). :-) I’ve managed to read them as well (and loved the books!!) but I’m really loving the quality conversation time I get to have with my son.

  35. Stephanie Linza says

    My favorite thing is the children’s reusable stickers my kids got for Christmas that keeps them entertained for hours!

  36. Birdiebee says

    My favorite thing right now is my laptop so I can stay connected to the outside world as I recover from an injury.