25 Bodyweight Crossfit Workouts

25 Bodyweight CrossFit Workouts

I’ll be heading out of town this weekend, and away from my old school CrossFit garage. I’ll be taking this list with me and working out it at the hotel–whether or not they have a gym! Here are some of my favorite bodyweight Crossfit workouts. Squat Therapy 20 Minute Bodyweight Workout Three At Home Workouts 10 Miles + Hawk WOD 101 Bodyweight Exercises Beginner Bodyweight Routine 18 Weeks of Bodyweight Workouts Crossfit Style Workouts Bodyweight Tabata Workout Home Workouts Killer Cardio Dolvett…

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Reebok ONE Cushion: A Review

Meeting My Goals With the Help of Reebok ONE

The following post is is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Reebok I really, really can’t complain about the running path near my home. I have this view to look at, the weather is perfect 95% of the time, and I have amazing shoes to run in. The Reebok ONE Cushion: Shoes designed with performance in mind. I love how breathable they are–there is mesh throughout the design, not just in the toe area. While the shoe is flexible,…

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Fitness Inspiration

Talking About Fitness Inspiration and #WhatsBeautiful #sponsored

Let’s talk about fitness inspiration. Fitness is something I have kept off my blog for a long time, but it plays a big part in my daily life. A few weeks ago I began a challenge with Under Armour. I set a goal and felt good knowing that if need be, goals can be tweaked. The challenge is called What’s Beautiful, and it’s being put on by Under Armour. You can find it all over by searching #whatsbeautiful and #iwill,…

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Teens And Sports: Tween/Teen Tuesday

Welcome to Tween and Teen Tuesdays at OurCrazyBoys.com! I hope you’ll come share your posts about your not-so-little-but-not-so-big kids with me. Sports. We could tell stories for days. Michael doesn’t love sports. Michael has tried t-ball, baseball, football, soccer, rock climbing, swimming, and now wrestling. He loves it at first, then he likes it, and then he doesn’t care for it. I guess it’s good that we are having him try a bunch of sports, but I often wonder if…

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Color Run Arizona

The Color Run™ Arizona Is Right Around The Corner! #Giveaway #AZColorBloggers

Update: Congratulations, comments 1 (Vanessa) and 12 (Heather)! Look for an email from me with your promo code for free registration! If you didn’t win, don’t forget to use promo code COLORBECCA13 for $5 off your race registration! The SUPER awesome The Color Run Chevy Spark at the 2012 LA Auto Show You’ve heard of The Color Run, right? The original Color Run™ event is a unique experience focused less on speed and more on crazy color fun with friends…

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earbuds for women

yurbuds Are Earbuds For Women!

I don’t know about you, but I have a tough time finding a good pair of earphones. The ones I have are too big, fall out of my ears when I run, or sound awful. When I heard about yurbuds, I knew I had to try them.   Yurbuds are earbuds that are made for women – and the sound quality is great (I’m a little picky about that). They come in several colors: but I’m partial to mine because…

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Supporting My Little Athletes As A Kleenex-Carrying Wrestling Mom

___________________________________________________________ Wrestling is hard. It’s hard on the kids – it takes strength and courage to get out on the mat and be the center of attention. There is a lot of adrenaline running through these kids and when the matches end, usually the winner and loser are crying. It’s hard on the parents – one on one matches are difficult to watch, especially when your kid isn’t winning. And watching anyone’s kid get hurt is awful. My boys have…

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It Really *Does* Take A Village

We started out the day in tears. Tears, and we hadn’t even arrived at the tournament yet. I’m not going to win. I don’t want to wrestle today.  We talked about how not feeling confident can affect the way you wrestle, and how he was prepared because of the 2 hour a night, 5 night a week practices he has been attending for the past month. He is ready. After he weighs in, he is crying again. I don’t want to…

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It’s Official: I’m a Wrestling Mom

Michael’s first wrestling tournament was this weekend. Eight hours in a high school gymnasium, and we got to see Michael wrestle three times. Yes, that’s fairly normal. We won some (1) and lost some (2), and we all learned a lot. I learned…   -Always bring seat cushions to a wrestling tournament. Your back (and butt) will thank you after it’s over. -Bring healthy snacks to a tournament. The snack bar doesn’t have many any healthy (or gluten free) snacks….

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So Proud {What I Learned This Week}

What a weekend! Full of learning… I learned that when your little boy has been practicing 3-4 nights a week for 3 months straight, the culminating swim meet is a BIG DEAL. I learned that it is not possible to write the word breast on your 9 year-old’s arm without giggling to yourself. I learned that when watching your son swim in his first race of the weekend, it doesn’t matter whether he is coming in first (he wasn’t) or…

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Crazy² = Airsoft

Michael’s birthday was last week, and he asked to have his party at the local airsoft course, Toxic Airsoft. Yes, An airsoft birthday party. I’m not a fan of my 11 year-old running through the desert wielding an airsoft gun, but the players wear face protection and there is a list of rules about a mile long. Airsoft has been popular within the past year or so – I don’t know what the pull is, but all the kids are…

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That Guy…

Do you see this? That guy… the one in the silver helmet.. …the one pretending to lasso his go kart… …and whack it on the butt to make it go faster… …the guy who raises his arms in triumph when coming in from a few laps… …the guy who turns to tease his friend and ends up in the dirt… …that guy? That guy is my hilarious, fun-loving, super handsome husband. Steve (left) with his friend Kenny. For every ounce…

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A Night In My Shoes…

Tonight at wrestling practice, Michael wrestled his heart out for 2 hours. He. did. awesome. He’s out of that “play wrestling” phase and is now using these awesome techniques to actually… wrestle. So, he wrestled for 2 hours, then as the 40 boys went to roll up the huge mats, Michael got hurt. It wasn’t a camera kind of moment, so I did my best to make you a picture: Michael was pushing the mat so hard that when it…

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Running Tips From A Non-Runner

Running Tips From A Non-Runner

Before I begin, let’s get something straight. I am not a runner. I do not run marathons, or half marathons, or even 5ks (anymore). I run short distances (1-2 miles) several times a week, and I have to push myself through it. I have been a non-runner for about two years now. I like the way I feel after a short run. I like that I can get outside, enjoy the scenery (while looking for snakes), and get a quick…

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A Public Service Announcement

When you mix this: and this: make sure that you make him wear one of these: Because even though a full helmet might look like overkill, you’ll be thankful for that overkill when the helmet looks like this: and the rest of your 5 year old looks like this: Do you notice that perfect little uninjured face and head? I would much rather be sitting in Urgent Care with a smiling 5 year old than riding in an ambulance with…

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Hot Yoga – Not for this chick.

I didn’t write this post yesterday when I got home from the Bikram Yoga (also called hot yoga) class because I promised myself that I wouldn’t speak ill of it for at least 24 hours. You know, to give it a fair shot. It has been 24 hours and 9 minutes since I left that 110 degree heated room, and I have been dying to write this post ever since. How about we start with some hot yoga facts? (That…

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