Why I Don’t Write About My Kids On My Mom Blog

Why I Don't Blog About My Kids On My Mom Blog

Welcome to Tween/Teen Tuesday at My Crazy Good Life! Today I’m talking about my boys. Well, I’m not talking about my boys, but rather I’m telling you why I won’t be talking about my boys. On the internet. For the whole world to see. _____________________________________ I used to fit in the “mom blogger” category, but…

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Stop Judging And Start Empowering


Have you seen the article by Tonya Ferguson titled, “Dear mom on the iPhone: Let me tell you what you don’t see?” It’s a letter to “those moms.” Yes, moms like me. Moms who attend sporting events and practices and sit on the sidelines talking on or using their smartphones. It warns them that they are…

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Talking About Tragedy With Tweens and Teens

Tween Tuesday

Welcome to Tween and Teen Tuesdays at OurCrazyBoys.com. Today we’re talking about tragedy with tweens and teens – it’s a difficult subject. ___________________________________ I know they’ll come home and have heard about the bombs that went off in Boston today – did I just type that? The bombs that went off in Boston today.  Will…

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