Learn More About Me With Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Today I’m linking up with Friday Favorites at Follow The Ruels! I love this way to offer you guys a peek into my life.   My favorite pictures of the week is this one of Michael. Yes, it’s actually 2 weeks old, but it’s my favorite picture *this* week ;) He’s getting so big and I…

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Stop Judging And Start Empowering


Have you seen the article by Tonya Ferguson titled, “Dear mom on the iPhone: Let me tell you what you don’t see?” It’s a letter to “those moms.” Yes, moms like me. Moms who attend sporting events and practices and sit on the sidelines talking on or using their smartphones. It warns them that they are…

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Five Ways To Protect Your Kids In Every Scenario #CoxSecurity

protect your kids

I’d do just about anything to keep these guys safe. Safe from disease, injury, and bad guys. From hurt feelings, embarrassing moments, and disappointments. As a parent, you can control a lot of what your kids come in contact with, but not everything. Since my husband refuses to let me place the boys in a bubble, I…

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Moms Of Tweens Unite!

Holiday Scavenger Hunt

    Welcome to Tween/Teen Tuesday at OurCrazyBoys.com! I’m doing my best to lighten your load a little when it comes to raising those not-so-little and not-so-big kids of yours. Make sure to link up any tween or teen related blog you know of below in the linky! ___________________ Bloggers with young kids are everywhere….

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Jesus Loves Total Wine


Image courtesy of http://bit.ly/Xbt0kq Last week, Steve asked me to grab some beer on the way home. Total Wine is right next to the mall (where I may or may not have been with Jack), so we popped in there. We found the beer and walked to the register. As I was getting ready to grab…

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Career Day {And A Peek Inside My Office}!

Career Day

Q: Have you blogged about lasagna? Q: Do your kids like being on your blog? Q: Do you have to go to college to be a blogger? What about a writer? Q: Are you going to blog about this? Q: Have you ever met Harrison Ford? Q: Do you vlog? Last Wednesday, I traded my…

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My New Baby


Or blog. Mom, don’t get too excited. There will be no more babies in this house. When I started this blog, I never thought I would want to talk about anything but the boys. I thought it would be read by only our families, and never had a clue as to where it would take…

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Happy Right Where I Am {A Country Outfitter Giveaway}


Update: Congratulations, Jillian! Your entry was randomly chosen to win the $150 gift card to Country Outfitters! Enjoy your boots, girl! ___________________________________________________________ People often ask if I would move in a heartbeat because we have no family in Tucson. I usually reply with “If you can find somewhere with better weather, I’ll look into it.” We…

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Proud To Be A Part Of #HerHighway

Screen shot 2012-08-28 at 10.08.43 PM

In one month, I’ll be leaving Colorado and driving to New York as part of #HerHighway Drive Breast Cancer Awareness; a cross country drive event including 100 journalists, social media mavens, motorsports professionals, and executives from the automotive, lifestyle, health, beauty, fitness, and fashion industries. Half of the women will be driving, and half of the women…

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Concerts With Tweens. Not What You’d Think.


This summer, I have had the opportunity to take both of my boys to concerts – separately, because Michael wouldn’t be dragged into Demi Lovato and I wouldn’t let Jack anywhere near Pitbull. My observation? Concerts with tweens are tricky – Concerts attended as an adult are completely different than concerts attended as the adult. Jack and…

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Time Dog Is My Best Kept Secret


My son is freestyle wrestling and needs some tips about being quick on his feet. I have heard about drills like snapping towels at his legs (seriously!) and need to know if there are any more. Videos would be helpful, as well.  Can you give me the Friday hours and address for the Science Downtown…

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Yes, I’m doing an Insta-Friday post. Yes, I know it’s not Friday. We had a hectic week and I just couldn’t get it up, so how about a little Insta-Monday? We dropped the kids off with a dear friend and headed up to Flagstaff for a wedding last weekend, and here are my favorite Instagram photos:…

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