Learn More About Me With Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Today I’m linking up with Friday Favorites at Follow The Ruels! I love this way to offer you guys a peek into my life.   My favorite pictures of the week is this one of Michael. Yes, it’s actually 2 weeks old, but it’s my favorite picture *this* week ;) He’s getting so big and I…

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Stop Judging And Start Empowering


Have you seen the article by Tonya Ferguson titled, “Dear mom on the iPhone: Let me tell you what you don’t see?” It’s a letter to “those moms.” Yes, moms like me. Moms who attend sporting events and practices and sit on the sidelines talking on or using their smartphones. It warns them that they are…

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Five Ways To Protect Your Kids In Every Scenario #CoxSecurity

protect your kids

I’d do just about anything to keep these guys safe. Safe from disease, injury, and bad guys. From hurt feelings, embarrassing moments, and disappointments. As a parent, you can control a lot of what your kids come in contact with, but not everything. Since my husband refuses to let me place the boys in a bubble, I…

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