In defense of Snapchat: Why I allow my teen to use the controversial app

In Defense of Snapchat

I’ve written about the Snapchat app before. I’ve told you about why you should monitor Snapchat and other apps, and I’ve written about how it could be a dangerous app for kids. In this time of new technology, technology that we didn’t have as kids, it’s important to be flexible. I have no previous experience with teenagers, kids who use iPhones, or even kids who use Snapchat. I’m literally making it up as I go along, as I bet you…

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The best portable battery chargers for your phones and tablets

The Best Portable Battery Chargers

In a few short weeks my family will be heading to Disneyland for the Disney Social Media Moms Conference! We are beyond excited to be included in this prestigious event and I’m looking forward to some fun family time, the opportunity to sit in and listen to a few amazing speakers, and a chance to hug all of my blogging friends. Whenever I head out away from an outlet, I have a portable charger on hand. While writing at iPhone…

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How to prevent apps from being deleted or downloaded onto an iPhone or iPad

How to prevent apps from being deleted or downloaded on an iPhone

As parents, we try to protect our kids. With the technology out right now, it’s not an easy job. It seems that all the kids have smartphones and iPads. When kids have access to things like the internet, parents should never be far away. We have to teach them to use technology safely just as we would teach them to ride a bike safely. Sometimes this means preventing access to something, like a private messaging app. Sometimes it means adding…

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Dangerous Apps For Teens

List of Dangerous Apps for Tweens and Teens

  Welcome to Tween/Teen Tuesday at My Crazy Good Life! Today we’re checking phones. iPads. Tablets. Whatever your child is using to access the internet and play games is what you’ll be using. I’ll tell you a little about some apps that might require a second look, and I’m asking you to share any apps not on this list so we can all make one another aware. That’s right. We’re snooping. Except, we’re parents–so we’re being responsible. Pull ‘em out….

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Best 3 Android at CES

Best Of Android At CES #CES2014

Becca and I had a great week at the International CES; given that she has always been an iEverything fan and I have been devoted to Android, it was fun to walk the show floors together. We had some good laughs over what felt to me like an abundance of products for Apple devices. Thankfully, I was able to find some really amazing products at CES for Android fans – and hopefully there are a few of you over here…

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Best Day Of My Life iPhone Wallpaper

Best Day Of My Life Lyrics Wallpapers

Have you heard it? The catchy, make-me-smile song that’s all over the radio these days? The one that makes me smile every time I hear it? American Authors: Best Day Of My Life The only thing I don’t love is that you can’t take the song with you. Eventually, you have to leave the car or the house and go about your daily business. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a reminder in your pocket? I created these fun wallpapers…

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iPhone Life Blog

Don’t Forget To Visit Me At!

Since the Consumer Electronics Show is right around the corner, I wanted to take a minute and remind you that I blog for and write for iPhone Life magazine. I’ll be heading to Las Vegas with the iPhone Life team next week and can’t wait to bring you the best of #CES2014! I’ll be focusing on technology that’s related to parenting, portable chargers, and photography, but will be on the lookout for all fun products! I have a lot…

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How To Fix iOS7 Common Issues (and other stuff you don't like)

How To Fix iOS7 Common Issues #iOS7

Struggling to love the new Apple iOS7 operating system? You’re not alone-I promise. As I found out after publishing my iOS7 Tips and Tricks post, people are having some issues–especially with the wallpaper resizing, calendar app and iMessage. I an going to tell you how to fix iOS7 common issues. iOS made my wallpaper too big. How do I resize my background? You can use one of the iOS7 default wallpapers (shown below) or choose one of your own. The…

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Should I Upgrade To iOS7?

Should I Upgrade To iOS7? #iOS7

Of course, my first thought was to upgrade right away! That’s me, though, and I understand that some of you are not looking forward to the change–you’re asking “Should I upgrade to iOS7?” Once you upgrade to iOS7, there is no Apple-endorsed way to downgrade to iOS6 – so I understand wanting to be sure about the upgrade. Here are some reasons you should go ahead and upgrade your iPhone to iOS7: 1. You can take advantage of new app…

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Cell Phone Contract For Kids

Does Your Child Have A Smartphone? {Printable Cell Phone Contract For Kids}

Welcome to Tween/Teen Tuesday at My Crazy Good Life! Today I’m talking about teens and smartphones – does yours have one? I’m also linking up my printable cell phone contract for kids! _____________________________ How many cell phones do you have in your house? We have three – and they’re all smartphones. iPhones, specifically, but you knew that already. The jump from regular cell phone ($10/month) to smartphone ($30/month) is a steep one. There was a lot of thought around it,…

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iOS7 Tips and Tricks

Apple iOS7 Tips and Tricks

Want more tips? Sign up for my email newsletter or visit my other iPhone posts. Update: At the end of this post are answers I’ve found to the most asked questions about the new iOS7 including pictures and wallpaper automatically resizing and losing the post to twitter and Facebook in the notification center. As someone in the Apple Developer program, I was able to download iOS7 onto our iPhones before the release. We (Michael and I) wanted to share our…

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