What I Learned From Jon Acuff

What I Learned From Jon Acuff at 3 a.m.

Have you heard of Jon Acuff? You should probably know a little more about him before I tell you 1. what he taught me at 3am and 2. why the heck I was with him at that insane hour. I first heard of Jon at Blissdom ’12. He inspired me so much during his opening keynote that I wrote about him. Right when I decided to take a leap and leave my job as a middle school speech therapist, he…

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New Trent Giveaway

What’s So Great About A Portable Charger?

This post is sponsored by New Trent.  I can rarely be found without a portable phone charger with me – it’s the down side of having a phone that’s almost two years old. As a blogger and a community manager for several small businesses, I use my iPhone a lot – I charge it a minimum of three times a day and rely on a portable charger to get me through those times when I have to leave my house…

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What’s In My Blissdom Bag?

I’m heading to Blissdom tonight and I have my bags packed – most important is my conference bag! In addition to band-aids, granola bars, my camera, and gum, these are the items I couldn’t live without during a conference. 1. My Erin Condren planner! It’s how I get by from day to day right now – tons of room for notes and to-do lists helps me stay sane. 2. NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband Hotspot. My roommates and I won’t be…

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Securing A Blog Conference Sponsorship In 3 Easy Steps {Plus A Blog Conference Sponsorship Template}

  If you’re heading to Blissdom or any other conference this year, you might be thinking about securing a sponsor to help with conference costs such as your ticket, travel, or hotel. It never hurts to reach out to brands that you know to ask if they are interested in sponsoring you, but your request will be better received if you can explain to these businesses what a blog conference sponsorship entails. I’m happy to share the blog conference sponsorship…

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Happy Right Where I Am {A Country Outfitter Giveaway}

Update: Congratulations, Jillian! Your entry was randomly chosen to win the $150 gift card to Country Outfitters! Enjoy your boots, girl! ___________________________________________________________ People often ask if I would move in a heartbeat because we have no family in Tucson. I usually reply with “If you can find somewhere with better weather, I’ll look into it.” We have embraced Arizona – the heat, the snowbirds, the rodeo holidays… One thing was still missing, though. I’ve lived here for almost 11 years, and…

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Who Inspired Me At Blissdom…

I knew from the moment Jon Acuff started speaking at Blissdom that I was exactly where I belonged. I may have even been a dork and teared up through his entire keynote. See, the week before Blissdom, I quit my job. Wow, that sounds worse than it was. Let’s try it again. The week before Blissdom, I told my boss that I was going to take a year off from school speech therapy. Ok, that sounds better, right? I am…

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Blissdom In A Picture

If I had to use one picture to represent Blissdom… I would cheat a bit and use this one: Don’t worry… there were sessions in there, as well. But they weren’t quite as fun to photograph. Linking with my wonderful friends Kristi and Amanda.

Back From Blissdom

Yesterday, I was wearing this: and tomorrow, I’ll be trading it for this: I’m back from Blissdom with a new outlook, new goals, and a lot to share. This past month has a been a whirlwind in many areas, and I can’t wait to share it all with you. Just give me a few days to recover :) …and if you’re interested, I posted a few times over in my kitchen. Part of my Blissdom trip was generously sponsored by…

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Must-Have Apps For Blogging Conferences

My Must-Have Apps For Blog Conferences (or anywhere!)

My iPhone has been a life-changer. I check my email, manage my bank account, shop online, and edit photos from wherever I am. The camera in my phone takes amazing photos, and I have actually toyed around with the idea of not carrying my DSLR to Blissdom with me and using my iPhone camera instead. While at a blogging conference, I imagine I’ll get a ton of use out of my iPhone. Besides facebook, twitter, and WordPress, the five apps…

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Why I Buy Crap When I Leave Town

I have been out of town three times in the last seven months, if you count next weekend for Blissdom. When I was preparing for BlogHer last August, I bought plenty of fruit and vegetables before I left. I washed them all and sliced them. I stored them in nice ziplock containers in the fridge. I made a meal plan and bought all of the ingredients that Steve would need to make meals for him and the boys. I packed…

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What to wear… what to wear… at Blissdom

  Five days until I leave for Blissdom, and if I am reading my twitter stream correctly, it seems that I may be the last one packing! Heading to a conference with 700 or so women makes for a stressful packing session. I’m pretty sure I can’t wear yoga pants to all of my sessions, so I guess I should start thinking about this seriously. Though my husband (and his superior packing skills) will think I’m overdoing it, I believe…

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