POGO Pass Promo Code and Giveaway

Phoenix POGO Pass Promo Code and Giveaway!

Summer is right around the corner, desert friends. You know what that means, right? Sunscreen, water, and plenty of inside during the day and outside at night activities!     The POGO Pass gives you admission to 15 different venues/activities in Phoenix throughout the year. I have a POGO Pass promo code for you: BECCA will get you the pass at 60% off, just $39.98 and I have a giveaway! You’d like a list of venues that accept POGO Pass?…

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Family Photos With Teenagers: Have fun and be creative.

Family Photos With Teenagers by Tucson Family Photographer: Cailey Shivers

Tucson Family Photographer We recently had a family photo shoot with Tucson family photographer Cailey Shivers. Trying to get family photos with teenagers (well, a teen and a tween) isn’t the easiest job in the world, and we were blown away by Cailey’s talent, fun personality, and ability to get these boys to smile. We all know that one uncomfortable teen or tween can break a photo session. The trick? Have fun and be creative. We had a blast with…

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What To Expect When You Visit Rocky Point Mexico

Visit Rocky Point Mexico: Everything You Need To Know

This post is sponsored by Seaside Reservations in Mexico. The content is my own.  We recently went down to visit Rocky Point Mexico for a family getaway! I wanted to share some of the amazing things we did and what you can expect when taking your family down! Traveling To Rocky Point By Car Rocky Point is about a 4 hour drive from Tucson. We purchased Mexican Auto Insurance for the weekend at San Xavier Mexico Insurance for approximately $60 and had the…

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Packing For The Beach With Tweens

Packing For The Beach With Tweens And Teens

This post is sponsored by Seaside Reservations in Mexico. The content is my own.  Is a family vacation right around the corner for you? Us too! We are planning our trip to Rocky Point, Mexico and are pretty excited about spending some time on the beach with the boys. Traveling with older kids (mine are 9 and 13) comes with it’s own set of difficulties–you don’t want them to get bored, but don’t want them to be on their phones…

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Apple Annie's Orchard

Apple Annie’s Orchard 2013 Fall Schedule and Giveaway

Apple Annie’s Orchard in Willcox is the place to go for apple picking this fall (and peach picking, and pear picking…)! They have several varieties of each that come available for picking from now until October. Apple Annie’s My-Oh-My Apple Pie Weekend and Country Craft Fair are coming up September 21-22, and that’s also the weekend their pumpkin patch opens up! photo credit: Apple Annie’s Orchard Looking forward to Apple Annie’s corn maze? This year’s corn maze is a tribute to…

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Spin Into Action

Spin Into Action! We’re Heading Back To School With #Spinbrush4Kids

Our kids started school on July 15th and we are back in the swing of things around here! Our local food bank recently put out a call for school supplies to help the families who are struggling to purchase items on the supply list for their child’s classroom. We always buy extra supplies to send to the school and we thought this would be a great addition to our yearly routine of donating supplies. Spinbrush sponsored this amazing shopping and…

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Hot Air Balloon Ride {Wordless Wednesday}

Last week we set out on an adventure–it was time to go on our hot air balloon ride that was rescheduled in March. It was beautiful and the company we went through, Hot Air Expeditions, exceeded our expectations. We have a lot of photos, so I’m going to add them to a slideshow at the end of the post if any of you (read=family) want to scroll through them all! Our weather was perfect this time! We even saw several…

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10 Things To Do In Tucson With Kids

Featured On Scary Mommy Travel Guide For Tucson!

You’ve heard of Scary Mommy, right? I have been reading her blog for almost as long as I’ve seen blogging, and finally had the chance to meet her last year at the Disney Social Media Moms Conference in Florida. Scary Mommy’s not scary at all, she’s actually very nice. She also has a few books out–you should head over to ScaryMommy.com and check them out! Jill (that’s Scary Mommy’s real name) recently started a Scary Mommy Travel Guide (AKA How Not to…

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Blue Man Group In Tucson

See The Blue Man Group In Tucson With Broadway In #Tucson

Without question, the coolest thing we have ever done in Tucson is see Blue Man Group. I received strange looks from the boys at first when I told them we would be heading to see blue men rather than going to the fair like we usually do. “Blue? They’re blue?” Jack asked. Yes. Blue men. The coolest blue men you’ll ever see. We went to the show and they were blown away. Broadway In Tucson put together a montage of Blue…

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Dear Tucson, {Love Letters To Tucson}

A little more than six months ago, Rachel began a project – a documentation of a city she loves: Love Letters To Tucson. She looks for people across the city to interview and photograph, and then asks them to write a love letter to Tucson. There are many similar projects around the country and the globe, but I doubt any have a leader as passionate as Rachel. This past week I was number 19 to tell my story – to…

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Tweens In Scottsdale

What To Do With Tweens In Scottsdale, Arizona

 This post is part of a series sponsored by #ScottsdaleAZ. We had a blast in Scottsdale and I would have blogged the same whether or not it was compensated! A couple weeks ago we headed up to Scottsdale, Arizona for a family weekend! Our original plans were to take the boys on a hot air balloon ride and then head to the Westin Kierland for a day by the pool and on the FlowRider, but Mother Nature changed those plans…

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