Sh*t Mom Blogger’s Kids Say

So, you’ve probably seen the hilarious Brandi in Sh*t Mom Bloggers Say.

Oh, you haven’t?

Ok. Here it is. I’ll wait.

A few days after Brandi’s video came out, a video from a Mom Blogger’s husband came out…

It was equally hilarious. I watched the videos with the boys and Michael decided that we needed to add to the craziness.

Because, apparently, I drive them a little crazy with the blog talk.

So, I bring you… Sh*t (or stuff, because we are kid friendly) Mom Blogger’s Kids Say:

Don’t judge. I know your kids say the same thing to you.


  1. Eileen Short says

    oh my gosh! Awesome. It was hard sitting through the first two (though hilarious) cause I just couldn’t wait to see your boys in action. Very funny!!! Great idea Michael.

    (and I’m so glad that I’m not the only person annoyed when I have to type in a code after posting a comment!)

  2. Gramma Teetsie Thompson says

    Eileen, I felt the same way. Have to go back and actually see the first two (because I only care about what the boys have to say) But if they think it is bad now, wait till the teens.
    “Mom, I like this girl” “Mom, can I bring her home to meet you?” “Mom, why did you tell them on your blog I kissed and girl? And I liked it?”. “Mom, can I borrow the car to go to the prom?” “Promise I will be home in two days”……Oh, my poor grandsons.

  3. says

    That is AWESOME! I should get my kids to do one too. Although my oldest would probably be the only one to participate. Your boys are good sports! :D

  4. Breanne says

    The boys did a great job! Can I have their autographs for when it goes viral and is banned in other countries? ;-)

  5. Sara @ says

    Awww love your boys video! My kids would never participate, at least not my tween but she sure has comments to say about my job too, lol.

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