Sh*t Mom Blogger’s Kids Say

So, you’ve probably seen the hilarious Brandi in Sh*t Mom Bloggers Say.

Oh, you haven’t?

Ok. Here it is. I’ll wait.

A few days after Brandi’s video came out, a video from a Mom Blogger’s husband came out…

It was equally hilarious. I watched the videos with the boys and Michael decided that we needed to add to the craziness.

Because, apparently, I drive them a little crazy with the blog talk.

So, I bring you… Sh*t (or stuff, because we are kid friendly) Mom Blogger’s Kids Say:

Don’t judge. I know your kids say the same thing to you.


  1. oh my gosh! Awesome. It was hard sitting through the first two (though hilarious) cause I just couldn’t wait to see your boys in action. Very funny!!! Great idea Michael.

    (and I’m so glad that I’m not the only person annoyed when I have to type in a code after posting a comment!)

  2. Eileen, I felt the same way. Have to go back and actually see the first two (because I only care about what the boys have to say) But if they think it is bad now, wait till the teens.
    “Mom, I like this girl” “Mom, can I bring her home to meet you?” “Mom, why did you tell them on your blog I kissed and girl? And I liked it?”. “Mom, can I borrow the car to go to the prom?” “Promise I will be home in two days”……Oh, my poor grandsons.

  3. Awww love your boys video! My kids would never participate, at least not my tween but she sure has comments to say about my job too, lol.

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