Wake Up With the Rise and Smile App! #hellohumankindness

One thing I feel strongly about is kindness. Treat everyone with kindness and truly, how can that go wrong?

Dignity Health is taking this human kindness thing one step further. They created an app so you can start your day with some kindness–from a stranger. I think that an intentional act of kindness is the perfect way to start your day.

Rise&Smile app spreads human kindness

The Dignity Health Rise&Smile app helps you wake up in a good mood, wherever you are. Watch a preview of the Rise&Smile app here:

No more loud annoying alarms to wake you up. Now you can wake up to a personal message–someone smiling, sharing their view, starting their morning with you. The app is available in the iTunes App Store and in the Google Play store.

Let’s take a look.

After opening your Rise&Smile app, you’ll go through a quick set of instructions about using the app.

Rise&Smile App

From there, you’ll be prompted to set an alarm. This is done by touching the white dot and moving it on the circle until the time you need is shown.

Rise&Smile app from Dignity Health

On the bottom right side you’ll see the days of the week and a calendar icon. Clicking that will allow you to choose which days you’d like to set your alarm for. I love this feature, because I often forget to turn my alarm off on Saturdays!


Your alarm is now set.

Am I the only one who prefers to wake up at odd times like 6:06 instead of 6:00? I feel like it’s more natural, but seriously, I know it doesn’t matter.


I tested out the alarm before setting it “for real” because I was dying to watch one of the videos. Super adorable Harry from Boulder popped onto my phone and said, “Wakey, Wakey! Eggs and Bakey!” It was so cute.


I added my own video to share some Arizona sunshine with someone using the app to wake up:

After seeing some of the apps making their way to teen’s hands right now, this positive app is just what we need. Intentional human kindness. Thank you, Dignity Health!

How do you spread human kindness?


  1. Mindi says

    This looks so cute! I wonder if you can program your on video on it? Would love to wake up to my happy kids instead of my kids who are grumpy because I’m pulling them out of bed.

  2. says

    This is such a wonderful idea! Do they monitor for inappropriate content? That would be my only concern. Otherwise, I think it’s amazing and we can all use a little smile in the morning.

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