My Most Loyal Commenter

So, I have this fan.

She comments on almost every post I have published.

Sometimes, she cracks me up.

And apparently, she has fans, too.

I have received a few e-mails from people telling me that they always scan my comments to see if she wrote anything funny, because she cracks them up, as well.

It’s my Mom. If you haven’t noticed before, she comments under the name Grandma Teetsie and she’s pretty. darn. funny.

There are days when I feel like Amila, receiving unsolicited advice:

Picture 6And days when I receive messages about my parenting skills:

Picture 11And days when she yells at me (through MY blog) from across the country:

Picture 5Here are a few more, because I can get away with blogging about my Mom one time, and one time only for good measure:

Picture 12Picture 13

Picture 1

So, I would love for you to stick around and read my blog for, you know, my posts. But if all else fails, stick around for Mom, ok?

Love you, Mom. :-)


This post was originally published 1/17/2010 and remains one of my favorite posts.

I hope Mom makes you giggle as much as I do. 







  1. WOW – a whole blog on me – I feel like a Queen. That must make you the Princess. I love you too, and I love your blog – even when it isn’t about me. :-)

  2. “ator societies”
    And don’t forget she has to be your most loyal comment”ator” – because she is the Pres of your fan club and your are the President of hers, and that is what mother and daughters are all about…love”ators” of their own blogs and fan clubs and that is what make a Mom and Daughter relations so very special and beautiful and unique being each others’ “ators”:)

  3. We love you too, Grandma Teetsie! Now I need to find out what it was that I made in Japan, that you liked. (I’m a few days behind on this blog.)

    • Dawn it was guacamole that you and Steve made when you were there – it was the first time I had ever had it and couldn’t believe that you made it like that. It was awesome.

      • Yum… Teetsie, I am (trying to be) on a diet and you are reminding me of something that I love! Guacamole!!! When can I make it for you again? Any plans to come out West in the near future?

      • Your Aunt Marge is just jealous that her daughter doesn’t write about her. Don’t worry Bec – she won’t be responding very often because I have told the people at the home she is at to keep her away from the computer. I promise she won’t embarrass you or me in front of your followers.

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