My LifeProof iPhone Case {A Giveaway}

Congratulations, Judy! Comment number 39 was the lucky one! Check your email!

Do you remember that crazy mud run I did last week? Not only was it a chance for me to step out of my comfort zone, but it was a perfect opportunity to play with my new toy – a LifeProof iPhone case.

When I heard Pauline talk about her new LifeProof iPhone case, I was floored. It’s waterproof, snowproof, shockproof, and dustproof. Oh, and mudproof. It’s not a sleeve that you put your phone in – it’s a case. And it’s a case that’s no bigger than the case I usually have on my phone.

LifeProof means BeccaProof. They should just rename the product. Somehow, I haven’t killed my iPhone yet – It’s a miracle, actually. I use my phone while cooking, exercising, walking, doing dishes, giving baths… you get it.

Now, I didn’t run the entire race with my phone in my hand. I alternated between holding it, taking photos, and clipping it to my shirt.

I had to wipe it clean quite a few times, too.

I wasn’t nervous about the phone at all during the run, because I knew the case was waterproof.

I knew that because I water tested it.

This is my LifeProof case before I put my phone in it. I assembled it and, as the LifeProof manufacturer tells you to do before you use it, I water tested it. It sat under the bowl (to weigh it down), under the water, for an hour. When I pulled it out and looked inside, I knew I could trust it with my life phone.

Knowing that the case had withstood water for an hour was a big part of me trusting it to protect my phone during the run.

It also had everything to do with me trusting it to protect my phone when Michael brought it in the pool.

That’s right.

In the pool.

That’s my little fish trying to take a photo underwater. I say trying because at that time, we didn’t know the magic secret to taking an underwater photo with the LifeProof case. We know it now.

The water acts like a big hand putting pressure on your phone screen, so it’s impossible to take a photo by pushing the shutter button. I found out (rather quickly after I tweeted about my issue the next morning) that when the camera is turned on, your volume buttons act as a shutter button. Also, you could take a video underwater and then take screenshots of your phone replaying the video. I’m dying to try both ways to take underwater photos. Unfortunately, we turned the pool heater off and I can’t talk the boys into going in again until the water warms up. I see this case getting a lot of use this summer!

The LifeProof case comes in 2 parts, and feels deceptively thin (which is a good thing!). It’s shown here with the clip (you can purchase that separately). There are covers for your charging port and headphone jack, making the case completely airtight. I talked on the phone with the LifeProof case on, and had absolutely no issue hearing or being heard. It amazes me that sound can get through clearly, but water can’t.

Can you see how slim the case is? The clip is the black part that adds a little bit of bulk.

I have to tell you – I’m amazed with this case and the customer service the company has provided thus far. They are active on facebook and twitter, and quickly answer any questions you may have. Also, their YouTube channel has plenty of videos to watch that will tell you about the product.

LifeProof was kind enough to offer a free case to one of you! Leave me a comment telling me:

1. What you would do with a LIfeProof case


2. Which color you would choose: pink, purple, white, or black

You can leave up to 2 comments, and I’ll count each one as an entry.

{psssttt… Pauline is giving away a LifeProof case, as well… go enter!}


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The tiny print: I received a free LifeProof iPhone case to review, and one to give away to a reader. As always, I will never recommend a product that I wouldn’t recommend to my own mother. I am impressed by this case, and hope you will be too! Giveaway will close next Friday, April 13th (my lucky day!) whenever I can peel the boys off of the ceiling and get them into their beds – probably around 9pm.


  1. Eileen Short says

    mark my words, if I win (black case), I run in the mud with the phone in the case…and with you…next year :)

  2. Charlie says

    It would go with me to National Guard drill and all the ball practices and games. The soldiers are just as bad on stuff as the 11/12 year olds are and I am at both, rain or shine! Black would be my color!

  3. Maggie says

    I’ve had my eye on one of these for months! Between Jake dropping, throwing, and otherwise manhandling my iPhone and Cooper using it as a teething toy, I’m shocked it has survived as long as it has… If it were up to Jake, we’d go with pink or purple, but your white one looked so nifty so that would be my choice :)

  4. Maggie says

    Did I mention that we’ve already been through 4 traditional cases in the last year and a half. I guess it’s to be expected when your 2.5 year old says, “No mama phone. Jakey’s phone.”

  5. Christina Nickerson says

    I have already had to replace my screen because I dropped! :(. If I had the Pink LifeProof caae it would earn the Coast to Coast Medal(two or more 1/2 mararhons with in the same calendar year, one at Disneyland and one at Disney World!) with me.

  6. Erin Tusar says

    I have 4 daughters, 2 of which are 17 month old twins… I’m using my phone in the tub, at the pool, beach… Ok who am I kidding, I have my phone within 2 feet from me ALWAYS!!! I am always having to wrestle it away from grubby paws, but seeing as how it’s full of toddler apps, they think Momma’s phone is their cool toy. I would continue to use my phone every darn where, but at least I’d know it was toilet proof and wouldn’t do the chest clutch as often when the phone is beyond my 2 foot radar. I’d also chose pink, I’m the mom of four daughters, everything is pink. I figure why fight it?!?!

  7. Erin Tusar says

    I’d breath so much easier with a LifeProof case, being the mother of 4 we are always on the go!!! They are into everything and my phone is the only camera I use anymore, I need a case that can take a beating and come back for more the next day! Looking at your pictures, it seems I’ve found that case with the LifeProof iPhone case!

  8. Chelsea says

    Seriously?!? They make that?!? Where has this baby been all my life? I’m with Julie, I’d probably take it in the bath. Or on my next Warrior Dash!

  9. Kyle says

    i would be in the pool with my phone thanks to the Lifeproof case, i have always wanted to shower tweet and would love to be able to just whip my phone out in the rain and use it, i would take the white, great case!

  10. Raul Lopez says

    I would put my iPhone in the Lifeproof case and buy a GoPro Mount and use an app called Runtastic to track my weekly trip to nearby Key Biscayne in Miami. It would be awesome if I could have my phone on me so the gps can track my pace and speed as I ride my bike for 4 miles over the Bridge to the beach, then a 2 mile kayak rental ride, then back onto the bike and onto the nearby bike trails.

    I have always wanted to document this as i’m usually lazy and friends don’t believe I do this every week, but in between the sand, moisture and water damage that can happen, my trusty iPhone stays home except when I just go running. I want to do this!!! I can also record video of me in the water and through the bike trails while the gps tracks my trip.

    I think that if the phone flew into the water or bushes, the best color to have would be a white lifeproof case. I can find it more easily.

    yeahh, I should just buy one = )

  11. Raul Lopez says

    I could also give a PInk Lifeproof case to my cousin. She just had a second baby girl, two months old, her older baby girl is the cutest one year old ever but she is in that phase where she is curious about everything, including throwing around tv remotes and any piece of electronics that comes her way, and she loves phones. My cousin’s iPhone 4s is in hiding whenever I go visit. I would turn on the video and just leave it there for her to play with and record some awesome memories. I tweeted this



  12. Kristin says

    I would surprise my husband with it…….just in case his IPhone4 plunges into the toilet during one of his daily drops. :) The color choice would be “white”.

  13. Kristin says

    Being that I just did my first “Kiss Me Dirty” Mud Run……I am hooked now and this could sure come in handy. I’m doing the Toro Loco Challenge with my family this weekend, but I know that won’t be the last. I NEED one……and white of course.

  14. says

    With four boys I would pick the color pink. Cuz it’s me. I need pink in my life. This iPhone case sounds soooooooooo amazing. I recently was working in the garden and my iPhone was covered in mud before I realized it. I was so worried about it. Glad to hear there is something out there to protect it other than the huge bulky otter box.

  15. Melissa Ramos says

    I would love one of these cases!! I have a 2 year old who likes to take my phone and play obit but so scared of what he will do to it or where he would put it. If I got the case I woudnt have to worry. :) I would chose pink!

  16. Rachelle says

    I would choose purple and actually breath when I use my new iphone ;-)
    With 5 kids and a new one on the way I was wondering how I would nurse and have my phone handy!

  17. Marge Jennings says

    What would I do with a lifeproof case? Everything that I CAN NOT do now of course as I do not own one.
    Yuppy exactly that. What color would I choose? Hummmmm Purple or pink or black or white………..
    I would actually settle for whatever color would be available.

  18. MSJ says

    I would go swimming and kayaking, boating and comfy couching with it. I would even go mountain climbing with it (if I mountain climbed). When I accidentally leave it out in the rain it will not get ruined. Or I might be kind and give it to someone as a gift. Hummmmmmm I have to rethink that one. But I might……………….You never can tell. Thank you for this wonderful contest. Color wise??????????????????? Gotta think about the color.

  19. Cathy M says

    Thjs case would be awesome by and in the pool this summer – I’d get a white one do match the phone and make it easy to find in all my black purses!

  20. Cathy M says

    Of course a black case would be nice-wouldn’t show all of the messes I manage to get myself into and since the case would protect my phone I could stop worrying when my niece wants to play with the phone!

  21. Judy says

    I would love a case to protect our iphone. What fun we could have. We could swim with it and see if it would take underwater pictures. We could go fishing and not worry about it falling out of the boat. We could take it skiing, oh and hiking. What fun we could have!!
    White or black would be great!!

  22. Ian Megraw says

    Would be great for our honeymoon in September, can bring it everywhere without worrying about it. Black

  23. Zack says

    I am a 16 years old and I have a iPhone 4 that I had to work to buy. I live in Florida and I love to swim in the ocean. I would love to be able to swim and protect my phone at the same time. I can’t spend $80 on a case. If I win I would love the white and gray one.
    My twitter is @zack141997
    Thank you

  24. Shannon @Aries_Mommy says

    1. I would run in the rain with this :) Maybe even allow my kids to play with my new iPhone.

    2. White :)

  25. Shannon @Aries_Mommy says

    Since you said we can leave two comments, I would also use it on the cruise next year, take it snorkeling :)

  26. Daniel Bergey says

    Second comment! Still a black case. And I’d be more at ease using my phone outside and in the rain.

    Also I think I mistyped my email on the last comment. :( This one’s the correct one.

  27. Mike says

    Go swimming
    And pink so I can give it to my wife she’s always on her phone in the bath and doing dishes

  28. Zack says

    Again I am a 16 year old kid who lives in Florida. I love to do water sports. I would love to be able to have my phone with me to take pictures/videos underwater. Please If I win I would love the white and gray one.
    Twitter @zack141997
    Thank you

  29. says

    I love all the products you educate us on! I’d love a life proof case (in pink of course) so I can run the Warrior Dash later this month with my phone!

  30. says

    Post 2… just because you said I could. I’d love the case so I could blog while showering, floating in the pool, tubing down a river, you get the gist ;)

  31. eran says

    i want lifeproof to protect my iphone while i’m doing rafting – the color i would choose will be Black..
    thanx a million..

  32. James says

    Power boat riding with the Lifeproof case on is perfect for me to get fun wet but not my iPhone. Color black.

  33. Karen says

    I would use this to protect my poor phone from me. Lol I had the otter box before but it was like holding a brick. Lol. And of course I would choose pink. Thanks!

  34. says

    I would love this case because my infant just started grabbing things and I see my phone going in the toilet or in a glass of water ! Because I am plain Jane I would choose the white cover :))))

  35. Michael Sedlacek says

    Im a firemen and I am considering getting one, but just wasn’t sure If I wanted to spend the money. I still might get one.

  36. Brian Ciezki says

    I would use a LifeProof case for everyday life and pool shots, lake shots, and everything in between. I would go with a black case too (so I don’t have to clean it as often ha ha).

  37. Brian Ciezki says

    Now wait a minute, 2 entries? If its possible to win twice I’d get a white one too, if not, black it is, gotta be sure there are no accidental toilet drops.

  38. Stacey Hickey says

    Boy would I LOVE this case! I am mom to 4 boys and 2 foster daughters and a I am a police officer. My kids are constantly using (and dropping) my phone. I get called called out to work come rain or shine and my phone is always exposed to the weather and grime!! I am a big picture taker. I would be awesome to take pics in the pool, etc. I would probably, regrettably have to get a black one for work purposes. :)

  39. Stacey Hickey says

    My second entry……I WOULD LOVE THIS CASE IN BLACK!!!!! :) Lots of kids=need for a good case!

  40. says

    PS This summer we will be travling a lot so I need one to take photos on our journey – including rafting and stuff! I would pick white. :-) Thanks, Becca

  41. tlsonderman says

    I’d love a waterproof case! Just got water (or slobber?) inside my current one yesterday. I’d use it to protect my phone from my kids at home and my speech therapy clients. It’s always a good motivator and topic of conversation! I think I’d get to help me find it when I can’t remember where I left it.

  42. Gabe Gooch says

    If I won the free lifeproof case, I would give it to my mom. Her birthday is coming up on the 15th and she’s always complaining about how dirty her IPhone gets at work and around the house. It would be a great birthday gift to her…I know she’d love the black one.

  43. Grant says

    Hi! I’m a klutz, and I drop my phone constantly! I would want a black case, and the first thing I’d do with the case is go to Kings Island (in Ohio) new splash city in the wave pool and the slides with my phone in my pocket and face booking while in line.

  44. Grant says

    Hi! I’m a klutz, and I drop my phone constantly! I would want a black case, and the first thing I’d do with the case is go to Kings Island (in Ohio) new splash city in the wave pool and the slides with my phone in my pocket and face booking while in line.

  45. Joel says

    Hey! I would love a Lifefroof case because I travel to South America from time to time and I could really use the protection, especially when kids that have never seen an iPhone want to play with it, or when I go traveling by river. Also the other day my friend was joking about taking my iPhone for a swim, It would be funny to actually do just that next time I see him! I’d Love to have the white one to go with my white iPhone :)!

  46. says

    What a fun giveaway… The first thing I would do if I won this would be.. to use in it the shower! Just to say, Guess What I’m talking to you in the shower!! Oh and I’d pick black for the color.

  47. Denny says

    I’m gonna take it while I’m swimming. I really want to try underwater photograph!!
    Also I choose the white one.

  48. Denny says

    Second thing I want to do with it is to take it on my bathroom. Play music without worrying water will damage it.

  49. Dexter Mac says

    I would be happy with any colour of Lifeproof case but would probably buy the black one. I would mount it to our racing sailboat to create some cool videos to post.

  50. Rob says

    Maybe a purple one would be cool too. Summer is almost here and having the iphone at the beach without worrying about sand and water would be awesome!

  51. Dexter says

    A black one please to go with my phone. being able to use the phone as a GPS outside in the rain will be great.

  52. Brian Kantor says

    I would put my iPhone in that sweet looking case ans put Elmo on in the bathtub for my daughter Eva who is 21 months old! she would have so much fun with the ability to take her little paws and teeth all over it all the while being baby slobber proof! I am so grateful to be able to have this chance to be in your drawing you are doing such a great thing here and I will tell everyone I know about your page and these cases.

    Sincerely, Brian Kantor

  53. Brian Kantor says

    Oh I forgot to put the color in my last comment and since is is comment number two I would like to request a pink one please! My little girl loves pink and I love her so much daddy would sport a pink case just for her ! :) once again you are doing such a generouse thing and I will tell everyone I know to come check your site out

  54. Elyssa Coury says

    I have had an iPhone for a little over a year now And have been through 4 of them, my husband would always tell me to put a case on but I never found one that even slightly caught my eye, I would take a nice long well deserved bath when the kids go to sleep and listen to my music while IN THE TUB, YES IN THE TUB. I would pick the pink one if I was fortunate enough to be picked to win. Thanks so much for this opportunity

  55. Elyssa Coury says

    I am going to be taking an international trip to Lebanon in June with my daughter and I would plan on taking some beautiful pictures and videos while scubadiving in the Mediterranean. And of course I would show you the videos! :) I would prefer a pink one so that It doesn’t get lost in my purse and diaper bag

  56. Kristyne K says

    Just wanted to say thank you for posting this. I have a lifeproof case and could not figure out how to take a picture underwater. LOL. I now know the secret.

  57. Heather Huffman says

    Hi. I am in desperate need of a case that protects my precious 4s from possible water damage. I am a busy full time working (as an OR scrub) mother, full time student, plus I teach surgical theory and practiclas on the college level, my free time what little of it there is in the summer is spent at our family pool. This case would make me a truly happy person, as I take a lot of call for the hospital in which I work, I must take my phone to the pool. I’m not going to jinx myself and my iPhone, but one of these days the unmentionable is bound to happen when near a large body of water. Stat, someone hook me up with a PINK iPhone 4s Life Proof case!

  58. Jennifer delapaz says

    What i would do with a lifeproof is i would love to go hicking,swiming and dirt bike riding i could do all of that it would be amazIn

  59. Jennifer delapaz says

    Sorry i didnt get to finish the oter one but i would go hicking, swiming, and also dirt bike riding i think that would be an amazing experiance to be able to do all of that with just an iphone cover and nothig would happen to it. Well the color i would choose would be pink thats my favorite color ive always wanted a life proof i hope i win and if i do win i give it to my sister even though i really want it she needs it more than i do she is always being pushed in the pool by her friends and her iphone will always get busted i really want to win his contest

  60. Tiffany A says

    I would love one of these Tiff-proof cases! I would put it on and go for a run- in any weather. Then I would take it to the beach and not worry about it in the water or sitting next to me at the Dog beach while my doggie runs around. I would like the purple one so I could find it easily and tell it apart from my boyfriend’s, who would get a black case. Love it love it love it!!!!!

  61. Tiffany A. says

    I would get a slick, smooth black case for my loving man. He works so hard and does so much and the last thing he needs is his phone being messed up. This case could be Jesse-proof for my amazing love.

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