#ChevySalutes Military Appreciation Month and Instagram Contest

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Did you know that May is Military Appreciation Month?

Steve and I met in 1996 while we were both stationed at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. I was working in the classified communications room and he was an aircraft mechanic.


We were married shortly thereafter (very shortly-we were dating for about 9 months before we were married!) and shortly after that I was medically discharged from the Air Force because of my severe migraine headaches–I’m actually considered a disabled veteran because of them. I don’t share a lot about my migraines on the blog because I like to focus on the positive things here, but they are pretty bad.

We traveled to Japan and Michael was born, then came back to the states and settled in Tucson. Thankfully, we never experienced any long deployments like so many families do. We were lucky. Steve left the Air Force about 9 years ago and we still have several dear friends who are serving all over the world. Though we have not been active duty for almost 10 years we still have strong ties to the military community and support them in every way that we can. We know first hand the amount of sacrifice military families make for our freedom.

This month, Chevy is giving thanks to the military community by offering one of the most generous military discounts available (to the largest group of veterans, active duty, reserves, retirees, and their families) on their cars and trucks. Here’s the latest commercial from #ChevySalutes:

You can learn a little more about Chevy’s #ChevySalutes program, view discounted vehicle pricing, view a list of frequently asked questions, register for an account, contact the folks at #ChevySalutes and more on this website.

Chevy gives automobile discounts to the military, but they don’t stop there. Here are some other examples of campaigns Chevy is currently working on to honor the military:

#ChevySalutes Instagram Contest

#ChevySalutes is running a fun Instagram contest right now! To enter, follow @msbnewmedia on Instagram, take a photo of your military hero or take a video of yourself or someone else thanking the troops, and then tag the upload with #ChevySalutes. On May 27th, MSB New Media will announce three winners! The grand prize is a $300 Visa gift card, and the 2 runners up will each receive a $100 Visa gift card. 

#ChevySalutes Instagram Contest

 It’s a great way to show the military some love during Military Appreciation Month and possibly win some extra spending money!


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    I did not know that May was military appreciation month! My dad was Naval Reserves for 25 years. Love that this contest is for such a good cause!

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    Ha! I forgot that we were both married to Steves. I’m happy to report that Barksdale is thriving, as are the bustling (not so much) metropoli of Shreveport/Bossier.

    Those homecoming videos always make me tear up. What a wonderful program Chevy has! Their military discounts are amazing! We just bought a new minivan with another brand and our military discount was less than 10% of what Chevy offers.

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    Wow! I had no idea Chevy did this and I had no idea you and your husband are both veterans. I am so grateful for the sacrifice that military families do so that we can have freedom. For so many the sacrifice is life long with both physical and emotional injuries that will never truly heal. Great to see a great company like Chevy giving back. Thank you Chevy and thank you that are serving or served our country!

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    Thank you for YOUR service. Great program.
    I’m crazy about these commercials. I usually tear up at a Hallmark commercial, but since these are real people who have sacrificed so much, I’m usually in need of a box of tissues.

    How wonderful of Chevy to support this!!

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    Thanks for sharing this Becca AND thanks for your service to our country. I am so appreciative to all those who serve. The sacrifice is so much larger than my thank you but know that it is sincere. Thanks for sharing this info about Chevy as well. I love to see companies get behind our military.

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    What an amazing program! Thankful for companies like Chevy who put their money where their mouth is! And for veterans like you and Steve. Thank you both!

    And how cute is that photo!!! Your boys sure look like Steve!


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