Lego Birthday Party Roundup – The Best of The Best!

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I pulled some of my favorite ideas together a couple of weeks ago for Jack’s Lego birthday party, and we had a blast!

LEGO Party Invitations

The fun officially started when Jack’s unassembled Lego birthday invitations arrived at his guest’s houses. I got some great feedback from parents about how much fun the kids had putting the invitations together and even making new creations with them:

Lego Birthday Creation, Lego birthday party

For the first time ever, I ordered a professional cake for a party. After Jack saw this cake on Pinterest, he asked about it all of the time:

pinterest lego birthday cake, lego birthday party

About a month before Jack’s birthday I was introduced to Cake Me Tucson, who said she could make the cake for us! She did an amazing phenomenal job! Don’t you agree?

Lego Cake, Lego Birthday Cake, Cake Me Tucson, Lego birthday party

We decorated with red fabric tablecloths and green bubblewrap (to look like the green square Lego bases).

lego birthday decorations, lego birthday party

Jack’s picture was made with the iPhone Lego photo app:

iPhone app to make Lego creations out of photos

 We kept the kids very busy during the party, which was wonderful because there were 15 guests! We played Speed Build, Pin The Shark On The Water, Lego Rescue, and colored our own Lego Minifigures!

Lego birthday Party Ideas

From the top:

1. Personalized Lego minifigures by Mini-Mizer, made into place cards with PicMonkey.

2. Custom Lego birthday party cake by Cake Me Tucson.

3. Pin The Shark On The Water, purchased from Amazon.

4. Lego Rescue Game – difficult for younger kids, but great fun for ages 7+.

5. Piñata! Jack’s favorite thing about every birthday is his piñata! Purchased from Target.

6. Party decorations: Custom Lego photo by Lego Photo App (free!); vase from Michael’s, filled with Jack’s Legos; red fabric from JoAnne’s; bubble wrap spray painted green; and favor bags. Bags included M&Ms, play dough, and a special birthday Minifigure. Lego man printables from Winks & Daisies.

7. Lego City party backdrop from Amazon.

I hope you had fun looking through this post and finding new ideas – I sure had a blast planning the party!


    • Becca says

      It was so much fun finding the activities and ideas online and pulling out the ones we wanted. You’ll have lots of Lego parties, I bet!

  1. Cameron says

    This reminded me of my family’s pain expression “On a scale of 1 to stepping on a lego, how much does it hurt.” Speaking of which, I’m guessing that happened a lot at the party.

    • Becca says

      It hurts SO bad, I know this! Matchbox cars hurt, too!

      Thankfully, the Legos were quite contained during the party!

    • Becca says

      She did a GREAT job with the cake! There’s no way I could have done anything like that myself – I know my weaknesses!

  2. Mindi says

    Love how everything came together!!! Nice job! :) Pinning this for future use. Out of 2 boys I’m sure at some point I will be throwing a lego birthday.

  3. Dara says

    OMG, these are such cool ideas for a LEGO party! I really love how your cake turned out. The green bubble wrap was a great idea too. Thanks for posting

  4. Alda says

    Great party! I am having problems with finding the Lego photo app. Do u know if they still have it available?


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