High-Low Game

Have you ever played High-Low?

Each person in a group tells the high and low of their day, which always makes the low seem a lot less “low.”

Did that make any sense?

Now that I’m back (and almost recovered) from my 48-hour trip to Los Angeles, I thought it would be fun to play high-low with you. Only, there are a lot of highs and not many lows. And I’m including many pictures, because I took about 400 of them in my two days. So I guess I’m changing the rules a little.

I can. It’s my blog.

High #1.

That is all I have to say about that.

High #2.

I got to hang with my dear friend Amy and the wonderful Lisa from GMC. They’re both awesome :)

High #3.

We also got to hang with Joe. He’s hilarious.

He even ate Snickers Steak since we couldn’t find him a Hash House to get Snickers pancakes.

Ok, maybe he didn’t eat it, but it did come in contact with his steak. That counts in my book.

High #4.

Amy and I were able to meet some amazing local bloggers like Suz and Michelle. Suz even put a name to the “skinny arm pose” which, by looking at the rest of the photos in this post, I need to practice a little more.

High #5.

Dinner with Eric and Carter from the GMC Trade Secrets series. And not “dinner” like we ate in the same room and posed for a photo or two” but dinner. Like, Carter sat next to me and I stupidly ordered arugula salad and then thought “you can’t eat that in front of Carter Oosterhouse! You’ll have arugula in your teeth and look stupid in front of a famous person!” dinner.

Yup. This is about the time when I thought about my appetizer choice… listening to Michelle and thinking how smart she was for ordering tuna. 

Can I tell you how great these guys are? The night was full of great conversation, amazing wine (so I was told), and lots of laughs. Carter tells some funny stories. By the end of the evening, I had forgotten that they were famous. That’s how fun (and down to earth) they were.

My funny story for the night? Even though there was a professional photographer at our dinner, I had to get an iPhone photo for Grandma Teetsie, who was so excited that she couldn’t sleep that night. As I went to put my arm around Carter for the photo, I touched his butt. ACCIDENTALLY. Someone else may have ignored that and smiled for the picture. Me? I couldn’t ignore it. I said, “I totally didn’t mean to touch your butt. I promise.”

I was a little bit mortified.

Moving on.

High #6.

As a mom of boys (or Dude Mom Lifer, as Amanda says…), this was definitely a high. The Hot Wheels Camaro. The paint job? Cost more than the car.

It was so shiny. And pretty. I took way more photos of it than I should have.

My low?

The only one?

Missing these guys and their Dad:

Even if Jack thinks it’s hilarious to do this in all the photos I try to take of him recently:

I still missed them :)

I had more fun than I thought possible at the L.A. Auto Show. I’ll share more photos and fun car facts later this week!

My dear friend Amanda was kind enough to feature my boys and I today on her blog. You can check it out here. And you should poke around a little, because she’s hilarious!  


  1. You really told Carter about Gramma Teetsie? And you told him my name? And gave him my number? OMG. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I will be expecting that call.

  2. I’d trade a day or two of dude Mom Life for all of that awesome! I’d totally point out touching someone’s butt. Totally. when I was taking my photos with Dmitri (So YOU Thin You Can Dance/Dancing with the Stars) guy after dancing with him I actually said, I’m all sweaty so watch your hands on my back, yo. Yep. He laughed. I sweated more!

  3. So glad you had a great time! You deserve it! And the boys are probably sooo happy to have you home! You’re the best!!!

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