Guardians of the Galaxy Parent Review

Have you heard? Marvel’s newest movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, hits theaters today!

Guardians of the Galaxy Parents Review

If you’re thinking of taking your kids, there are some things you’ll want to know. Please be aware that my description of the scenes might spoil some of it for you.

Here’s a trailer that shows a bit of the comedy and language you should expect:

Guardians of the Galaxy Parent Review

Guardians of the Galaxy Parent Review: Should you take your kids?

Guardians of the Galaxy is rated PG-13, and personally I wouldn’t allow Jack (turning 10 this month) to see it yet. Michael (14), on the other hand, would be fine.

The movie opens with a sad scene where a young Peter Quill watches his mother die in a hospital room. The scene lasts about 5 minutes, and I think it could be upsetting for kids younger than 13. After Peter’s mother dies, he runs outside the hospital where he is abducted from Earth. Next time you see Peter, he’s 26 years older and on another planet.

Music is a big part of this movie, and the soundtrack is actually still stuck in my head from a few days ago when I saw the screening. The songs played in the movie are appropriate for younger viewers, I believe.

You might be tempted to allow your younger kids to see the movie because of the characters Rocket and Groot–but don’t. Rocket isn’t an appropriate character for kids, as he swears and gets drunk. He’s definitely funny for adults, though :)

Rocket: Guardians of the Galaxy

Groot is a sweet character. He says the same 3 words throughout the movie and the speech therapist in me loved that he could communicate with Rocket using intonation. Vin Diesel did an amazing job with this character, and recently dubbed Groot’s words in other languages. Here you can see Groot speaking in Brazilian Portugese, French, Russian, and Spanish.

Groot: Guardians of the Galaxy

I’ll allow Jack to see Guardians of the Galaxy when it comes to DVD because I think with home movies, some things can slip past the kids. When in the theater, I feel like kids are concentrating only on the movie in front of them, so they absorb more.

The reasons I wouldn’t take my soon-to-be 10 year old are:

  • The swearing. Though not awful, it’s there. If you’re going, know that you’ll hear sh–, bit–, di-k, and a–hole, among a few others.
  • The first scene. The scene where Peter’s mom dies would sadden Jack, and I can imagine that questions would come for weeks–probably right around bed time.
  • The characters. Though not terrifying, we don’t watch much sci-fi, so the characters like those in the background here could cause bad dreams for our little guy:

Characters in Guardians of the Galaxy

My final verdict? If you like Marvel movies, you’ll love this one! It’s funny and action packed, and the music is great. I’d suggest sticking to the PG-13 rating and keeping kids ages 12 and under home.

 I attended a screening of Guardians of the Galaxy to  facilitate this review. All images and videos are courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures. 

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