Fun With Tweens-Tween/Teen Tuesday

We had a ton of fun during winter break! I wanted to share some highlights.

Our pesky little elf wrapped our Christmas tree…

Photo Dec 21, 11 54 29 PM

Jack left a very detailed schematic for Santa to make sure each reindeer got their proper carrots…

Photo Dec 23, 11 50 42 PM

We had our traditional scavenger hunt on Christmas morning…

Boys (1)

Jack got a Christmas surprise! We went to Disneyland – just him and I! You can read more about that at Disney In The Desert.

Photo Dec 25, 8 13 37 AM

Photo Dec 26, 4 55 53 PM

We had some SUPER FUN cousin time!


We attended the fairy tale wedding of the most relaxed, low key, amazing bride and groom…

SN (199) - Version 2

The boys have also been getting a lot of Daddy time in the garage with Michael’s new weight bench. They rush out when he gets home so they can exercise. I love it! 

Photo Jan 07, 7 48 44 PM

How was your holiday break?


I’d love for you to share your post about the tween and teens in your life. Funny moments, serious moments, and all of the ones in between!


  1. Gramma Teetsie Thompson says

    My Holiday was spent recuperating. But it was quiet and nice. And I always love the pictures and posts about the boys and what is going on in their life.

  2. Dadblunders says


    It looks like you had a wonderful holiday!! I have to ask you a question though….did the pesky little elf get coal from Santa for wrapping up the Christmas tree??? lol

    You definitely had your hands full trying to get everything done in such a short time. A wedding, Disney, a visitor and so much more….it sounds like mom might need a holiday from the holidays now (I know you wouldn’t trade a minute of it though).

    It’s the great thing about being a parent we can make memories that last a lifetime so easily. All we have to do is take the effort to make it happen. You did a great job!


    I apologize for my lack of follow through over the last couple of months. Life became overly complicated. I am working on getting back into the habit or doing what I do second best writing, blogging and sharing with others (being a dad and husband is first). I haven’t forgotten I owe you a post (if you still want me to write it for you)

    • Becca says

      That elf was SMART. He went back to the North Pole before Santa stuffed the stockings – otherwise, he would have gotten coal!

      I’m enjoying my break from the holidays by catching up with work while the kids are in school. I love my quiet hours during the day!

      Don’t apologize for a lack of follow through! Life comes first – always. I would love to introduce you to my readers whenever you’re ready!


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