Finding Fall {Popped Indian Corn On The Cob Recipe}

In Arizona, there really is no fall. No autumn. The temperatures drop a little, but there are no leaves changing color yet. That happens around Christmas.

So, we make fall. We find it.

We light candles (Michael is my designated candle lighter, and Jack is the candle blower-outer).

We open the windows and pretend it’s cool outside even though it’s still too warm.

We find fun activities to do… like making popped indian corn on the cob.

We bought small cobs of unpreserved/untreated corn (smaller cobs pop better).

Soak them in water for about 30 minutes before popping.

Place one cob at a time in a small paper bag, fold the top to close. Press the popcorn button on the microwave and listen for the popping to slow.

Some of the popcorn pops right off the cob, and some pops on the cob. I melted some butter, put the cobs and loose popcorn in a bowl, and tossed it a little with salt.

The boys approved :)

We find fall by watching football. Well, the boys watch. I take pictures of them watching football.

We play tricks on each other every once in a while, too. Not because it’s fall, but because we can.

And since it’s Arizona, we go out for ice cream. And sometimes, I let the boys order whatever they want.

Even if it’s a huge sundae that I know they will never finish.

And on our way home, we turn the seat warmers on in the car and pretend that we are freezing.

Because then I don’t miss fall so much when Grandma Teetsie sends me pictures like this one:

Because we find our own fall here.


  1. Gramma Teetsie says

    Some day they will come to visit and we will rake leaves into a “HUGE” pile and we will jump in them (and then check for ticks) and we will have leaves in a very “TINY” pile and burn them and it will smell wonderful. Then we will come inside and have “Hot Chocolate” (and check for more ticks).

  2. Amy @ The Mom Hood says

    I can send you some fall! I’ll package up some leaves, some snow and some woodstove smoke :) Love, love, love the fall.

  3. Leah says

    I grew up here so I should be used to it, but after spending many years in different climates, I find Fall one of the harder seasons to enjoy here…like you, we do lots of faking it. Love the popcorn project–how fun!

  4. Charlie says

    That is what it is all about…it is 55 degrees here and has been misting rain since 3am…and I get to be out in it all day.

    Leaves are changing colors here though, real nice looking.

  5. Ru says

    We don’t have autumn in San Antonio either and I love these ideas! I can’t wait time share my fall memories with my son when he gets old enough. :)

  6. says

    Now this is a recipe that I am going to have to try with my three rascally boys! We need to hang out more on each other’s blogs for we will both soooo be able to relate.

    Glad to find you on Twitter!

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