Enjoying Tucson… With Live and Love Out Loud

Next week, I have a very special visitor flying into town for a day…

Kristi from Live and Love Out Loud will be in Tucson and we get to spend some fun girl time together.

She’s never been to Tucson (or the desert) before, and there are a few things I’m excited to share with her.

La Encantada

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La Encantada is an upscale mall in North Tucson. It’s the home of Blanco, my favorite Mexican restaurant in the world. Kristi and I will be window shopping at Tiffany’s and Louis Vuitton (well, maybe Kristi won’t be window shopping, but I will be), looking at the amazing Tucson mountains, and enjoying the sunshine before heading to Blanco for some white peach and hibiscus margaritas.


Ahhhhh…. Gadabout. Gadabout is an amazing day spa in Tucson. One of those places where everything on the spa menu looks amazing, so it’s really difficult to not just say “I’ll take one of those… and one of those… and one of those…” Kristi and I will begin with pedicures, but can’t be held responsible for any additions we make to our schedule.

Ben’s Bells

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A favorite Tucson spot for me is Ben’s Bells. I can’t begin to explain what Ben’s Bells is, so you’ll have to go read it to hear the story straight from Ben’s Mom. It’s calm and quiet, but most of all you’re able to connect with other people who are there for the same reason you are – to give something back and reflect on all that you’re thankful for. I think Kristi would enjoy stopping by, taking some photos, and painting a little :)

If you were entertaining someone who were never in your hometown before, where would you take them?

Tucson folks… I especially want to hear from you!


  1. says

    I think that sounds like the perfect day. Food places would be hard to narrow down, so many great places. Magpies, El Minuto… We like to hike so Mt. Lemmon is always on the list. Most people are amazed a place like that exists in the desert.

  2. says

    Sounds like you have a lot of fun stuff planned! My aunt is in town and we are going to the Botanical Gardens to look around. If it is a nice day outside and a great chance to take come pictures! The little cafe they have is a nice spot for a break, about half way through.

  3. Kerry says

    The drive up Mt Lemmon, or through Sabino Canyon or let her walk in a wash, or Sonoran desert museum (wrong name, but I mean the famous one). let her see how pretty the stars are at night, drive past the airplane boneyard– very unusual. I love the San Xavier Mission, it is gorgeous. Music at Hotel Congress. Ansel Adams… Too much to name. Have fun! My Dave Mexican is Guadalajara grill. I will check out your favorite.

  4. Martha says

    Frost is a must! (there is one at La Encantada now) I also love taking visitors to Tohono Chul Park and the tea room there (food is not typical tea room food- SO SO good!) Oh! Organic Frog Bakery is awesome (and g-free friendly) also. It’s at Oracle and Ina.

  5. Breanne says

    Kristi needs to come for more than a day! I love the desert museum. It is so beautiful and it always makes me appreciate the beauty that is around us. Saguaro National Park is also really fun. You can take in the views, exercise and chat! We recently went for a picnic. My favorite Mexican place is Rosa’s. Deciding where to eat will be hard, we have soooo many good options. La Encantada is perfect! We always love going there. Your day sounds sooooo much fun. I have never been to Blanco or Ben’s Bells. Please don’t stop being my friend. ;-)


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